O.P.Q. System

Borderlands 3 Legendary Atlas Assault Rifle - O.P.Q. System
Borderlands 3 Legendary Atlas Assault Rifle - O.P.Q. System

About the O.P.Q. System:

The O.P.Q. System is a Legendary weapon in Borderlands 3. This Atlas Assault Rifle is a “legendary Q System” but its Alt-Fire allows you to spawn a drone copy of the weapon. The drone will be active for 13 seconds and will shoot the same target as where you are aiming at. The Drone will occasionally shoot shock projectiles. The impact of the shock projectiles can hurt you. The Drone will despawn if you switch weapons.



Special Weapon Effect:


  • Alternate fire: Spawns a drone copy of itself that targets where you aim
  • Drone: Occasionally shoots a shock projectile

How to get the O.P.Q. System?:

The O.P.Q. System is a Revenge of the Cartels Legendary. You can get it from Josie Byte, Franco Firewall, and Joey Ultraviolet in Villa Ultraviolet during the Revenge of the Cartels Event.


  • Zane can spawn two drone-O.P.Q.Systems by using the skill; “Playing Dirty” as this can add a projectile to your shots.
  • Moze can use Skill “Some for the road” or the “After exiting Iron Bear, do not consume ammo for 5 seconds” anointment to summon as much drone O.P.Q. Systems as time allows.
  • The Shock Projectile will benefit twice from certain bonuses as the damage of the projectile is calculated on hit. When the shock effect is triggered that damage is dealt again. Having the Anoint, 300% Damage on 90% Health, or +Assault Rifle Damage will work with this. [In-Depth Guide]
  • The Drone will benefit from Gun Damage bonuses. If you spawn the Drone with while sliding and having the skill Violent Moment active. The Drone will get the benefit of the buff and deal increased damage.

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