O.P.Q. System

Borderlands 3 Legendary Atlas Assault Rifle - O.P.Q. System

Borderlands 3 Legendary Atlas Assault Rifle – O.P.Q. System

Weapon Overview:

Manufacturer: Atlas
Type: Assault Rifle
Rarity: Legendary
Drop Rate: 6 – 11%
Anointed: Yes
Various Parts: Yes
Splash Damage: No

Weapon Stats:

Level: 72
Mayhem: 10
Damage: 35309×2
Accuracy: 54%
Handling: 58%
Reload Time: 2.0s
Fire Rate: 8.58/s
Magazine Size: 22

About the OPQ System:

The O.P.Q. System is a Legendary weapon in Borderlands 3. This Atlas Assault Rifle is a legendary version of the “Q System” that you can find in the main game. The OPQ System has an Alt-Fire mode that allows you to spawn a drone copy of the weapon. The drone will be active for 13 seconds and will shoot the same target as where you are aiming at. The Drone will despawn if you switch weapons.

While the OPQ System is a non-elemental weapon, projectiles can occasionally explode and deal Shock splash damage. The impact of the Shock projectiles can hurt you.

The Drone can be affected by skills when shooting it. For example; you can get a   second drone with Zane’s Playing Dirty skill and it will deal increased damage while sliding using Violent Momentum  (Zane) or the Toboggan. But Moze’s Some for the Road, Redistribution, Means of Destruction, and FL4K’s Two F4ng and Leave no Trace skills will also work.

Special Weapon Effect:


  • Occasionally creates shock explosion on hit.
  • Alt-Fire spawns a drone that shoots at your target


  • None:  Physical Damage is useful against everything. It has no special properties but also does not suffer weaknesses.
  • Elemental Damage Guide
How do you get the OPQ System in Borderlands 3?

The O.P.Q. System is a Revenge of the Cartels Legendary. You can get it from Josie Byte, Franco Firewall, and Joey Ultraviolet in Villa Ultraviolet during the Revenge of the Cartels Event.

Is the OPQ Stystem any good?

The O.P.Q. System is one of the best assault rifles and is a Top Tier weapon in Borderlands 3.

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  1. SynfulSoulja

    The thing absolutely wrecks!

  2. Nico Fasching

    This weapon is soo good. My flak is in love with this weapon on mayhem 10😍😍

  3. JimRaven

    WAY too good. Remember how Unkempt harold made all other pistols feel irrellevant in BL2? Thats the lev… https://t.co/2pIyP85MEX

  4. Luck Mod 🐢

    30/10! 30 for the number of floating guns around Moze after hopping out of Iron Bear.

  5. Tristan D Ivy

    Boss level

  6. Cory Allen Poole

    I got my first one last night and I honestly don’t see what the big deal is the needle gun killed things faster

  7. RoMe

    On moze, with some for the road, being able to spam the secondary fire mode makes for some fun. Overall… https://t.co/xCEiMMwqIt

  8. This Guy 😎 aka Keith 🤔

    10/10 Due to it being so great I only use it when I’m out of ammo on every other equipped weapon or in FFYL.

  9. Spencer Vontz

    Doesn’t matter its goin get nerfed

  10. Rekteffex

    11 out of 10 dentists agree that every Vault Hunter needs one of these in their backpack. These things shred.

  11. Scott M

    NERF’D in 3….2….1….

  12. krouu

    I’ll stick with https://t.co/dGfIIK2GCL

  13. DrDavidHuxley

    I recognize the way it wrecks but I don’t like using it for some reason. Also, the visual cues on the Q… https://t.co/lPo5UoMlCN

  14. James Baez

  15. Josh

    Most of the new guns are too good thst the old weapons are pretty useless now. Opq, sandhawk, kaosan an… https://t.co/KRXC9XkfUL

  16. BloCkHeAd


  17. Cory Allen

    It shreds everything. I can shoot for quite a while with Bottomless Mags Moze

  18. Crackalantern

    I’d love to get one but no luck.

  19. Trevor Durocher

    Like Dr.Zed said ”Dope”

  20. FR4G-TP__

    I love it. The first atlas weapon I like 😊

  21. Patrick J. Mele

    They should have the mayhem level 1 thru 10 marked on its stat card maybe in upcoming patch…………GREAT ALLAROUND GUN!!!!


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