Borderlands 3 Legendary Siren Class Mod - Phasezerker
Borderlands 3 Legendary Siren Class Mod - Phasezerker

About the Phasezerker Class Mod:

The Phasezerker is a Legendary item in Borderlands 3. With this Siren Class Mod, you can get up to +75% Weapon damage and +250% Action Skill Cooldown Rate (Max Rush Stacks 25).

Special Weapon Effect:

“I’m always angry.”

  • When an action skill is used, Amara gains her Max Rush Stack count that decays over time. Amara gains weapon damage and action skill cooldown rate based on the number of stacks.
    • Max Rush stacks: +5

How to get the Phasezerker?:

The Phasezerker can be obtained during the Trial of Fervor in the Skydrowned Pulpit, it has a high chance of dropping from Hag of Fervor.

Bonus Skills:

  • Conflux
    • Whenever Amara inflicts a status effect on an enemy, there is a chance that the enemy is also burned, electrocuted, or corroded.
  • Clarity
    • This skill gives Amara constant health regeneration. The lower her health, the higher the regeneration rate. This rate is doubled for a short time after Amara uses her Action Skill.
  • Anima
    • This skill increases the damage and duration of all status effects caused by Amara. A status effect caused by her Action Skill deals further increased damage.

Amara Build


  • The flavor text is a reference to a quote by Bruce Banner in the 2012 film The Avengers in regard to his “secret” on how he transforms into the Hulk.


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