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Plasma Coil

Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan SMG - Plasma Coil

Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan SMG – Plasma Coil

Weapon Overview:

Manufacturer: Maliwan
Type: SMG
Rarity: Legendary
Drop Rate: ???
Anointed: Yes
Various Parts: Yes
Splash Damage: Yes

Weapon Stats:

Level: 72
Mayhem: 10
Damage: 81059
Accuracy: 90%
Handling: 60%
Reload Time: 1.9s
Fire Rate: 14.88/s
Magazine Size: 48

About the Plasma Coil:

The Plasma Coil is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Maliwan SMG is locked to the Shock + Radiation elemental combo. It shoots a burst of plasma bolts at a high fire rate that deal a lot of damage. The damage over time is also very effective at stripping enemy life bars.

Special Weapon Effect:

“Harness the 4th state of matter”

  • Always Shock + Radiation
  • 16 fire burst
  • High elemental damage


Shock damage is strong against Shields and causes targets to be electrocuted. Electrocution deals very high damage over a 3-second duration.Radiation damage can cause targets to become Irradiated. Irradiated enemies deal Aura Damage to nearby enemies for 8 seconds. If an Irradiated enemy dies, they explode, Irradiating any enemies damaged by the explosion.


Elemental Damage Guide

How to get the Plasma Coil?

The Plasma Coil is an Arms Race exclusive Legendary. It can randomly drop from any suitable loot source within the Stormblind Complex located on Pandora. However, you have a high chance of getting the Plasma Coil from the Loot Room at Madwidth Power/ location B  on the map.

Arms Race Red Chest Loot v3 - Borderlands 3

Arms Race Red Chest Loot v3 – Borderlands 3

Plasma Coil Drop Rates:

  • Madwidth Power Loot Room: 13.3 – 18.6%
  • Heavyweight Harker:  5.6% – 6.1%
  • Rival Bandit Revenant (x3): 25% – 37.5%
  • Cofferant or Chubby Skagg: 30%
  • Air-Drop Chests: 15%
  • Red Chest: 5%
  • Badass Enemies: 3% – 4.5%
  • White Chest: 1.5%
  • Other Enemies: 0.5% – 0.75%


  • The red flavor text is a reference to Plasma being the 4th state of matter.

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  1. Hella op

  2. So strong, so boring

  3. Waaaaaayyy to strong, elemental locking makes it even easier to farm.
    I am not a big fan of it. But its… https://t.co/7mENKdEquj

  4. Unbalanced as heck and trivializes end game challenges. It is also easy to get. You would think a weapo… https://t.co/FEtFF2gVUG

  5. Needs a nerf

  6. Definitely needs base damage toned down other than that I think its p cool

  7. Avoid using it. Carry one to get out of ffyl.

  8. I don’t use it at all. Although I can see why people would like this gun. I feel bad to see the plasma… https://t.co/2oqqO0eOsr

  9. It’s quite a weapon but i just don’t use it

  10. Its not my cup of tea, not a fan favorite since its just fixed to rad and shock

    And I still prefer the… https://t.co/BmazxYPuD0

  11. Meh

  12. To this day one of the crème de la crème
    Top 5 maybe even Top3.
    I do not quite enjoy the way it fires.… https://t.co/zOi7ZrtUme

  13. Used it a bit and it was strong af

  14. Never used one as I’m utterly useless at Arms Race.

  15. Strong, but not fun


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