Borderlands 3 Legendary Tediore Shotgun - Polybius
Borderlands 3 Legendary Tediore Shotgun - Polybius

About the Polybius:

The Polybius is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Tediore Shotgun shoots in a block pattern making it hard to score critical hits. The damage on body shots is oke but there are better options out there. Because it’s a Tediore weapon, it can spawn with various abilities on weapon throw.


Incendiary, Shock, Corrosive, Cryo, Radiation

Special Weapon Effect:

“21. 11. 33. 14. 24. 42.”

  • The Polybius fires in a 4×4 grid pattern. It begins with 4 sets of 4 descending projectiles in a horizontal line that are followed up by four sets of 4 projectiles in a vertical line.

How to get the Polybius?:

The Polybius can be randomly obtained from any loot source but it has a high chance of dropping from GenIVIV who is located in Voracious Canopy on Eden-6.

Drop Rate:

The Drop Rate of the Polybius is 9.3% on Mayhem 6+; 15% Otherwise


  • The Polybius may spawn with varying Tediore reload effects as indicated by the weapon parts.


  • Hotfix – October 15, 2020
    • 135% Increased weapon damage


  • Polybius is a reference to the Polybius Square, a method of cryptography which changes letters into numbers. In this case, the numbers 21. 11. 33. 14. 24. 42. translates to the word Fandir.
    • Fandir is a reference to the Mysterious Amulet in the Borderlands 2 DLC: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, which mentions Fandir upon completion of the quest The Amulet. The name Fandir also appears in the flavor text of the Striker, a shotgun in Borderlands 2.

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