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About the Psycho Stabber:

The Psycho Stabber is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This COV Pistol shoots knives, which have a bit of a drop off as they fly through the air. The projectile damage on the Psycho Stabber is oke but due to the legendary effect, this gun shines when you use it as a melee weapon.



Special Weapon Effect:

“Fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa fa… ”

+340% melee damage

How to get the Psycho Stabber?:

The Psycho Stabber can be obtained from any loot source but has a 10% chance of dropping from Borman Nates who is located in the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea.


  • Hotfix October 8, 2020
    • Melee Damage increased from 120% to 340%


  • This weapon can be fun in combination with the Stinger Shield and the 300/90 anointment or other melee anointments.
  • The Psycho Stabber’s Melee Boost also synergizes with the Fish Slap Grenade Mod that also deals Melee damage. 
  • Amara players that use her Phaseflare action skill should use this weapon to punch the ball as her action skill becomes more effective based on the damage you deal to it. 
  • The Psycho Stabber occasionally appears in Maurice’s Black Market.


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