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Borderlands 3 Legendary Hyperion Shotgun - Reflux - LVL65

Borderlands 3 Legendary Hyperion Shotgun – Reflux – LVL65

Borderlands 3 | REFLUX - BUFFED!!! | Legendary Item Guide

Weapon Overview:

Manufacturer: Hyperion
Type: Shotgun
Rarity: Legendary
Drop Rate: 11.4%
Anointed: Yes
Various Parts: Yes
Splash Damage: No

Weapon Stats:

Level: 65
Mayhem: 10
Damage: 6547×14
Accuracy: 64%
Handling: 63%
Reload Time: 2.4s
Fire Rate: 2.36/s
Magazine Size: 6

About the Reflux:

The Reflux is a Legendary weapon in Borderlands 3. This is a Hyperion Shotgun that has a high-capacity shield. Damage to the weapon’s shield will returns bullets to your magazine. This weapon will only come with the Corrosive element. It’s basically a corrosive Brainstormer as it creates a corrosive beam between enemies when you shoot them. There are always 2 corrosive beams when a link is made, 1 from your original target to another, and then a second one can go it back to the original target or attach to another target. This link will last 2 seconds and deal 10 ticks of damage during that time and each target can have up to 5 links. This weapon would be great for the Maliwan Takedown or Moxxi’s Heist on the Handsome Jackpot as you will be encountering a lot of armored enemies there.

Special Weapon Effect:

“That’s gotta burn.”

  • Always Corrosive
  • Creates a Corrosive beam between enemies that deal damage over time.


  • Corrosive: Corrosive damage is strong against Armor and causes targets to melt. Melting deals high damage over a 7-second duration.
  • Check out the Brainstormer if you want a Shock Variant, however, the Reflux deals more damage.
  • Elemental Damage Guide

How do you get the Reflux in Borderlands 3?

The Reflux is Mayhem Mode 6 or higher Legendary and has a 11.4% chance of dropping from GenIVIV who you can farm in Voracious Canopy located on Eden-6. M6 gear will also drop from the bosses in the Guardian Takedown.

Is the Reflux any good?

The Reflux is a Top Tier weapon and is considered the better Brainstormer.



  • Hotfix May 3, 2021
    • Increased Weapon Damage by 31.4%
  • Hotfix August 6, 2020
    • Increased the chance for projectiles to chain


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