Ruby’s Wrath

Ruby's Wrath Borderlands 3 Legendary Showcase

About the Ruby’s Wrath:

The Ruby’s Wrath is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Atlas Rocket Launcher deals a lot of damage, however, it is really inaccurate that’s why you really want to tag your targets.



Special Weapon Effect:

“No one can escape.”

  • Reduces your movement speed.
  • Launches seven missiles per round of ammunition.
  • Alternative Fire mode fires a Singularity Grenade that sucks in enemies and tags them for 8 seconds. During this timeframe, your missiles will aggressively track tagged targets.

How to get the Ruby’s Wrath?:

The Ruby’s Wrath can be obtained from any loot source but has a high chance of dropping from Chonk Stomp who is located in Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6.

Drop Rate:

The Drop Rate of the Ruby’s Wrath is 10%


  • With the February 27, 2020 update, this weapon received a weapon damage increase and reduced the cooldown of the singularity grenade.
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