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Sacrificial Skeep

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Legendary Amulet - Sacrificial Skeep Card
Sacrificial Skeep

The Sacrificial Skeep is one of the Legendary Amulets in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This Amulet is part of the base game. The Sacrificial Skeep is manufactured by Vatu and enhances your survivability by summoning a Skeep. The Skeep will heal you and your allies and can be sacrificed to Save your Soul.

Special Legendary Effect

Skeepin’ it real.

  • When Health is below 50%, summons a Scarificial Skeep. Cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.

How to get the Sacrificial Skeep?


  • The Sacrificial Skeep follows the Fatemakers and creates a healing pulse every 2 seconds, healing them and nearby allies to 100% Health.
  • The Sacrificial Skeep is a great Amulet if you go down easily during the hidden boss fights for example.
  • The Skeep can easily be killed during Save Your Soul.
  • Getting a Death Save from the Sacrificial Skeep will heal you all the way, unlike a normal Death Save.

Primary Stats

The Sacrificial Skeep will come with 1 random Elemental Damage bonus and 1 random Class Power.

Primary StatsLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
<Element> Damage30.00%34.84%40.60%47.43%55.6%
Class Power25.00%29.06%33.87%39.60%46.4%

Secondary Stats

The Sacrificial Skeep comes with 2 additional Secondary Stats, with a small chance of rolling the same stat twice.

Secondary StatsLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
Status EffectChance25.00%29.36%34.53%40.68%48.0%
Status Effect Damage25.00%29.42%34.67%40.91%48.3%
Loot Luck15.00%17.47%20.40%23.88%28.0%
All Damage10.00%11.43%13.12%15.14%17.5%
Action Skill Cooldown Rate20.00%23.16%26.91%31.37%36.7%
Fire Rate10.00%11.62%13.55%15.84%18.6%
Reload Time17.65%20.59%24.09%28.25%33.2%
Magazine Size20.00%23.00%26.56%30.79%35.8%
Dark Magic Efficiency20.00%23.43%27.51%32.36%38.1%


  • The red text is a riff on the phrase “Keeping it real” which stands for staying true to your priorities and staying alive is a priority.


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