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Sellout Borderlands 3 Legendary Showcase

About the Sellout:

The Sellout is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This is a gimmick Mailwan Pistol, it’s cool that it has a unique voice modulator but once you heard all the voice lines it can get a bit repetitive. That said, the Sellout is a “free” legendary item that you can get on Eden-6 and the 2 fixed elements on this weapon are pretty useful on that planet. The damage is decent but since the projectiles move away from each other it’s harder to hit a target at a long-range.

You can use this weapon to soft damage yourself and trigger bonus effects. If you pair this with an ‘Elemental Projector‘ artifact you can boost your damage output with eighter Incendiary or Corrosive. With tricks like this, you can even create a build with Amara to reach supersonic movement speed.


Incendiary and Corrosive

Special Weapon Effect:

“Hey there, superfan!”

  • Always incendiary and corrosive.
  • No charge time
  • While equipped, voice lines from Tyreen Calypso are played periodically.

How to get the Sellout?:

The Sellout can be obtained from the mission ‘Sell Out‘ located in Ambermire if you choose to kill themself and don’t destroy the cameras.




  • “Like, follow, and obey.”
  • “I’m bored, hurry up and die already.”
  • “Ha, sellout.”
  • “Never forget, you’re a gun-slut!”
  • “Biiiiitch, bitch, bitch, biiiiiiiitch.”
  • “Shame this is as close as you’ll ever get to me.”
  • “Selloooooout!”
  • “Always remember that you’re a gun-slut, and you will never be clean.”

Switching weapons

  • “Come kill this turd farmer!”
  • “Gun-Queen Tyreen here, coming to you live from the hands of this asshole!”
  • “Gun-slut for sale! Gun-slut for sale!”
  • “Vault thief here!”

Getting a kill

  • “What a hero.”
  • “Wow! You actually hit something!”
  • “You’re a natural! Said no one ever…”
  • “Nice shooting super fan!”


  • “Awww did you run out of bullets?”
  • “Quick! While they’re reloading!”
  • “Super bitch!”
  • “Mega-bitch.”
  • “Turbo bitch! How are you so bad at this?!”
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