Borderlands 3 - NEW LEGENDARY | TAMED STALKER | Legendary Weapon Guide

About the Stalker:

The Stalker is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Dahl Sniper has a high cryo efficiency and applies good damage, however, that damage comes at the cost of bullet consumption. The Stalker consumes 2 ammo per shot and has a 3-round burst, so each time you pull the trigger you use up 6 ammo. The gimmick of the Stalker is that you can switch between horizontal and verticle burst. So you can choose to go for a horizontal line and hit moving targets with more ease, but some bullets might miss. Or you can choose to go for a verticle line and hit multiple body parts of your opponent, however, if your target moves to the side you will miss more easily. So you got a bit of a ‘damage vs hit chance’ going on.



Special Weapon Effect:

“All that remains is an icy husk.”

  • Always Cryo
  • 3-round burst.
  • Switch between vertical/horizontal

How to get the Stalker?:

The Stalker is a Bloody Harvest legendary item and can be obtained during the event. It drops from loot ghosts and Captain Haunt.


  • The red text is a quote from Linch King, from World of Warcraft who said: “I will freeze you from within until all that remains is an icy husk!”.

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