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Star Helix Borderlands 3 Legendary Showcase

About the Star Helix:

The Star Helix is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Dahl Assault Rifle fires 2 additional projectiles per shot that will meet the central projectile at certain distances. Making the most of the additional projectiles requires correct spacing from the target. The Star Helix is kinda the Assault Rifle version of the Borderlands 2 shotgun called the Interfacer.


None, Shock, Cryo, and Radiation.

Special Weapon Effect:

“The stars are better off without us.”

Fires 2 additional projectiles that follow the main projectile in a horizontal oscillating path.

How to get the Star Helix?:

The Star Helix can be obtained from any loot source but has a high chance of dropping from the Power Troopers (Only from Onyx; Ruby; and Citrine) who are located in Atlas HQ on Promethea.

Drop Rate:

The Drop Rate of the Star Helix is 2.50% per Power Trooper



  • Hotfix – Aug 20, 2020
    • Increased weapon damage +76%


  • The flavor text is a direct quote from James S.A. Corey, the pen name used by collaborators Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, authors of the science fiction series The Expanse. The name, Star Helix, is also a reference to Star Helix Security, a private security firm that exists within the show’s universe.
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