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Borderlands 3 Legendary Shield - Stop-Gap
Borderlands 3 Legendary Shield - Stop-Gap

About the Stop-Gap:

The Stop-Gap is a Legendary item in Borderlands 3. This Hyperion shield is, in my opinion, one of the best legendary shields in the game. The Stop-Gap has a very high shield capacity and decent recharge speed. While the recharge delay seems long, you can actually cut 5 seconds off the recharge time because that’s the time the shield’s special ability kicks in. If you get swarmed by enemies and your shield breaks, you become immune to all damage for 5 seconds. So if your recharge time is 6 seconds, you only have to worry about that 1 second before it recharges. Because the Stop-gap can spawn with different prefixes you can have other beneficial features to this shield.


Corrosive, Fire, Shock, Radiation, and Cryo

Special Weapon Effect:

The process is called “living”

  • When your shield breaks, you become immune to all damage for 5 seconds.
  • Shield needs to fully recharge for the effect to work again.

How to get the Stop-Gap?:

The Stop-Gap can be obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has a 15% chance to drop from El Dragón Jr. who is located in Jakobs Estate on Eden-6.


  • The flavor text is a quote from Terry Pratchett’s novel The Last Continent, where it is the personification of Death’s response to being asked if it’s true that your life flashes before your eyes before you die.
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