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The Companion

The Companion Borderlands 3 Legendary Showcase
The Companion Borderlands 3 Legendary Showcase

About the Companion:

The Companion is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Jakobs Pistol ignites enemies on scoring a critical hit instead of ricochetting a projectile to a nearby enemy. Because this weapon cannot spawn with a scope you are always stuck with the iron sight. The Campanion does have a pretty large magazine size so you can spam away with it and it’s capable of dealing a good amount of damage.



Special Weapon Effect:

“You can’t take the sky from me.”

  • Always Incendiary
  • Only ignites enemies when scoring a critical hit

How to get the Companion?:

The Companion can be obtained from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance of dropping from Anointed x2 or Anointed x3 who are located in The Anvil on Eden-6.

Drop Rate:

The Drop Rate of the Companion is 15% on Mayhem 4+; 30% Otherwise


  • Hotfix – October 15, 2020
    • 166% Increased weapon damage
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