The Stable Executioner

The Stable Executioner

Gear Description:

The Stable Executioner is a legendary piece of Gear  that provides reduced recoil and cc duration.

Legendary Effect:

The legendary effect on the Stable Executioner will grant the chance that normal attacks deal increased damage

How to get the Stable Executioner ?

The Stable Executioner can be obtained by defeating The Jailor  Hylis who is the final-boss in episode 3 of the story campaign, The Renegade. This piece of gear will drop on Normal and Advanced difficulty.

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  1. Danny West

    With all the hits he lands I’d say montana he can do sooo much damage, / marquis could probably get some extremely lethal headsots with it / it would help pendles pop back out of battle quicker/ attikus with his damage build would go insane mode…. / ernest fir wave clear/ …. not wanting to say this but benedict for his … aimbot rockets

  2. chromer1

    Whiskey …..not much more to say besides it is pretty damn strong

  3. Ben Mibus

    I miss this game


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