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The Transformer

The Transformer is a legendary shield in Borderlands 2. This guide will tell you how to get the Transformer and what unique special effect it has.
The Transformer - Borderlands 2 Legendary
The Transformer - Borderlands 2 Legendary

The Transformer is a Legendary item in Borderlands 2. This Vladof shield does not have an exceptional absorb chance, however, it does has the ability to recharge from shock damage. This is particularly helpful and effective when fighting loaders and surveyors because of their electrical bolt attacks. Also, the immunity to shock damage means that you can step inside the shield bubble that ION Loaders create without taking damage from its lightning stream attack.



Special Weapon Effects:

There’s more than your eye can see.

  • A chance to absorb enemy bullets.
  • Immunity to electrocution damage-over-time effects and shock damage recharges the shield.

How to get the Transformer?:

You can get the Transformer randomly from any obtainable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Pimon located in Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.

Borderlands 2 Legendary The Transformer Location Guide


  • Some sources of shock damage will still deal damage to the wielder, notably shock barrels and projectiles fired by Badass Shock Skags.
  • Certain unique shock weapons, such as the Thunderball Fists and shock Splatguns, can be used to recharge The Transformer.
  • The total amount of absorbed shock damage from a single source cannot exceed the total shield capacity; any surplus damage will be subtracted from a character’s health, bypassing the shield completely.
    • Enemies with shock damage tend to not exceed the shield capacity in a single shot or attack (provided the item level of The Transformer is on par with the enemy level). However, Vault Hunters are still susceptible to harm from shock damage that exceeds their total shield capacity; most notably Badasses and weapons capable of friendly fire like shock damage grenades and rocket launchers, and unique shock weapons.
    • For an Anarchy Mechromancer, this can turn a shield recharge strategy with weapons such as Thunderball Fists into an involuntary suicide strategy as Gaige gathers more and more Anarchy stacks.


  • The name and Red Text are a combined reference to a cartoon series rebranded by Hasbro in 1984 called Transformers. The slogan for Transformers is “More Than Meets the Eye”.
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