BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Thunderfire
BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Thunderfire

The Thunderfire is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. This Maliwan Laser is an excellent weapon against flesh enemies with shields, because they quickly start to suffer both elemental effects; the shock damage depletes their shields while the incendiary novas ignite them. Moreover, because of its shock properties, shooting an oxygen generator will turn it on, allowing the fire novas to ignite enemies inside it for additional damage if there wasn’t an atmosphere already. It works fairly well against armored enemies too because of the shock element, but the incendiary novas created on impact are ineffective against armor.



Special Weapon Effects:

“Light ’em up.
Always shock elemental. Shoots a beam that emits a small incendiary nova upon hitting an enemy or object, reduced fire rate, consumes two ammo per shot.

How to get the Thunderfire ?:

The Thunderfire is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source and  has an increased chance to drop from Self-Loathing and Despair in the Claptastic Voyage DLC on the subconscious map. Complete the DLC in order from Self-Loathing & Despair to spawn.

How to Grind the Thunderfire ?:

You can use the Grinder to create the Thunderfire. While there is no guaranteed recipe, you can combine 2 Legendary weapons and 1 Purple laser weapon to obtain a random legendary laser. Be sure to make it a luneshine grind for a “guaranteed” legendary and also get a chance of getting a luneshine buff.


  • The damage dealt by the Thunderfire has significant discrepancy from the value listed on the weapon card. The actual shock laser-bolt deals about 111% of the listed damage value, while the incendiary nova deals 85% of the listed value. When accounting for elemental multipliers in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, a direct hit will deal 312% of the listed damage to shielded targets, 260% against flesh, and 145% against armor, and the fire damage will hit enemies in an area of effect the size of a small grenade, further stacking the overall damage output of each shot.

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  1. Insidious Rumplebunny🐇

    On Athena it’s awesome out of awesome stars.

  2. My surname

    It’s a laser weapon so… not much.

  3. Enrique Ojeda

    Iván Azael Ojeda V con wilhelm y sus modificadores de laseres era muy efectivo para quitar escudos

  4. Cigarmonkey

    It was a pretty good weapon

  5. Paul Something #AxeIsMelee

    Athena’s BnB. Sooooooo god on her. Decent with Lazer Wilhem or Jack, but it was essentially made for her.

  6. JimRaven

    A bit overrated. Only works well with Athena. Mediocre with everyone else. for that i give it a 6/10

  7. Rosekiller1187

    Never gotten it but looks like it can do hella damage.


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