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Universal Soldier

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Legendary Amulet - Universal Soldier Card
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Legendary Amulet - Universal Soldier Card

The Universal Soldier is one of the Legendary Amulets in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This Amulet is part of the base game. The Universal Soldier is manufactured by Vatu and can is a great utility item. Because every time you deal melee damage you have a good chance to fully reload your current equipped weapon.

Special Legendary Effect

I can do this all day.

  • Whenever you deal Melee Damage you have a 30% chance to instantly reload 100% of your currently equipped Guns Ammo.
  • Bonus Gun Damage

How to get the Universal Soldier?


  • The Ammo that’s being reloaded into your clip comes from your reserves.
  • The Univeral Soldier also works in combination with the Stabbomancer‘s Action Skill Ghost Blade or Skill Ethereal Blade.
  • The Universal Soldier Amulet pairs very well with the Legendary Stab-O-Matic as this Shotgun deals Melee Damage instead of regular Gun Damage. While the Gun Damage bonus doesn’t apply on the Stab-O-Matic, you will have “infinite” ammo and you will never have to reload.

Primary Stats

The Universal Soldier will always come with the unique Gun Damage bonus and 1 random Class Power.

LVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
Gun Damage30.00%34.84%40.60%47.43%55.6%
Class Power25.00%29.06%33.87%39.60%46.4%

Secondary Stats

The Universal Soldier will also come with 2 additional Secondary Stats, with a small chance of rolling the same stat twice.

Secondary StatsLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
Status EffectChance25.00%29.36%34.53%40.68%48.0%
Status Effect Damage25.00%29.42%34.67%40.91%48.3%
Loot Luck15.00%17.47%20.40%23.88%28.0%
All Damage10.00%11.43%13.12%15.14%17.5%
Action Skill Cooldown Rate20.00%23.16%26.91%31.37%36.7%
Fire Rate10.00%11.62%13.55%15.84%18.6%
Reload Time17.65%20.59%24.09%28.25%33.2%
Magazine Size20.00%23.00%26.56%30.79%35.8%
Dark Magic Efficiency20.00%23.43%27.51%32.36%38.1%



  • The red text is the catchphrase of Captain America/Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film series.


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