Veil Breaker Rounds

Veil Breaker Rounds

Gear Description:

The Veil Breaker Rounds is a legendary piece of Gear  that increases the Reload Speed and Shield Penetration.

Legendary Effect:

The legendary effect on the Veil Breaker Rounds will prevent an enemies’ shield to recharge for 10 seconds when they are hit with the last round in your magazine.

How to get the Veil Breaker Rounds ?

The Veil Breaker Rounds can be obtained by defeating The Gunhulk who is the final-boss in episode 4 of the story campaign, The Archive. This piece of gear will drop on Normal and Advanced difficulty.

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  1. DesiRée Preston

    I’ve used it on Oscar Mike and Ernest in the past. Preventing the shield from recharging has been a great help in a lot of situations.

  2. Post-Halloween-Name-row

    This is a great piece of gear for any UPR but I’d have to suggest Ernest or the Valkyrie herself, Reyna.

  3. Sjayz

    Oscar Mike 🙂 or Ernest i would say

  4. Frank Martinez

    Oscar for sure


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