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Vosk’s Deathgrip

Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan Shotgun - Vosk's Deathgrip

Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan Shotgun – Vosk’s Deathgrip

Weapon Overview:

Manufacturer: Maliwan
Type: Shotgun
Rarity: Legendary
Drop Rate: 30%
Anointed: Yes
Various Parts: Yes
Splash Damage: Yes

Weapon Stats:

Level: 72
Mayhem: 10
Damage: 26783×6
Accuracy: 67%
Handling: 69%
Reload Time: 2.4s
Fire Rate: 1.26/s
Magazine Size: 6

About the Vosk’s Deathgrip:

The Vosk’s Deathgrip is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Maliwan Shotgun can deal a lot of damage if done right. The Vosk’s Deathgrip has a slow fire rate, consumes a lot of ammo, and has a limited range. This weapon isn’t ideal for enemies that move a lot. The Alternate fire mode does allow you to shoot a singularity disc that will pull in close-by enemies. This gives you a brief moment to shoot them properly.

Special Weapon Effect:

“A good death is its own reward.”

  • Fires a volley of projectiles that creates beams of the weapon’s element.
  • Alternative Fire mode fires a disk that creates a singularity. Which refills every 6 seconds.


Fire damage is strong against Flesh and can cause targets to burn. Burning deals high damage over a 5-second duration.

Shock damage is strong against Shields and causes targets to be electrocuted. Electrocution deals very high damage over a 3-second duration.

Corrosive damage is strong against Armor and causes targets to melt. Melting deals high damage over a 7-second duration.

Cryo damage slows enemies and eventually freezing them. Cryo efficiency is the percentage of damage dealt that is applied as Cryo, at 100% efficiency, enemies will freeze at 20% health. Frozen enemies are unable to move and take 3x Melee damage

Radiation damage can cause targets to become Irradiated. Irradiated enemies deal Aura Damage to nearby enemies for 8 seconds. If an Irradiated enemy dies, they explode, Irradiating any enemies damaged by the explosion.

How do you get the Vosk’s Deathgrip in Borderlands 3?

The Vosk’s Deathgrip is Mayhem Mode 4 or higher Legendary and has a 30% chance of dropping from Troy Calypso who you can farm in The Great Vault located on Pandora.


  • If the projectiles of the primary firing mode hit a surface and are unable to attack an enemy, the projectiles explode on impact.
  • The secondary firing mode of Vosk’s Deathgrip is labeled as ‘Vosk’s Grasp’.
  • Vosk’s Deathgrip always fires an even number of projectiles as two are needed to generate an elemental beam.


  • Hotfix – August 5, 2021
    • Increased Weapon Damage by 100%



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