Godfall Armor Sets

Godfall "Valorplates" Armor Sets
Godfall "Valorplates" Armor Sets

The Armor sets in Godfall are called, Valorplates. They are Zodiac-inspired suits of armor that empower you to shred your enemies. There are a total of 12 different armor plates that you can obtain in Godfall. You unlock these as you progress through the game. They are not part of the loot drops. Each Valorplate is a complete set, you cannot mix and match separate parts of the armor to create the ultimate loadout.

Archon Ability

Every Valorplate has its own specific set of stats, a passive buff for your character, and an “Archon ability.” Archon is the Greek word for “ruler” and that’s exactly what this ability is. This is the ultimate move that comes with the armor and somewhat defines the character class. You want to pick the right Valorplate for each mission or the role that you play in a co-operative experience. In order to use your Archon ability, you will need to charge up a bar before you can unleash your ultimate skill.

When you active your Archon, 2 things will happen. Your Valorplate’s passive buff will be increased and you special skill will trigger. For example, Hinterclaw will get an increased critical hit chance as that is its passive skill. With each kill, this bonus will increase further. His Archon special ability summons 3 allies that fight alongside you.

Augment Slots

Valorplates also contain augment slots. These can be used to enhance your armor set with augments that alter the stats of the armor and add different perks. For example, you might add an Augment into your Valorplate that heals you and your allies whenever you hit an enemy’s weak point for survivability, or you might insert a different Augment that summons deadly magical missiles that targets nearby enemies for soft AoE damage whenever you hit a weak point.


While you cannot switch around headgear or chest plates. You can change up the look of your character by changing up the colors of the Valorplate. There won’t be any microtransaction in the game that will sell you customization skins or something like that.

Godfall Valorplate Shrine

Godfall Valorplate Shrine

Unlocking Valorplates

You unlock new Valorplates by collect resources that help you accomplish that. Each Valorplate has its own requirements before you can obtain it. But the game doesn’t tell you which Armor set you should get. You are free to choose which Valorplate you want. That said, there are requirements.

I think you can only get specific resources from specific realms and therefore the Devs kinda soft-lock some armor sets – MentalMars