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World of Godfall: Aegishorn Teaser

Aegishorn Valorplate

Aegishorn is one of the twelve Valorplates in Godfall. He is your Tank Support class with a twist. This Armor set gives you a straight up damage reduction.

  • You take 5% less damage

Archon Ability

Each Valorplate has an ultimate ability called the Archon ability. You will need to fill up an energy bar before you can use this in combat. When you activate Archon Mode, your Amor set’s passive skill will be boosted and you will execute a special skill.

Archon Fury Activation Effect

  • Call forth 3 Spirit Warriors to aid you in battle

During Archon Fury

  • You and nearby allies take 30% less damage
  • Whenever you are hit, shoot 3 projectiles that deal 149 Physical damage to nearby enemies

How to unlock Aegishorn?

You need to gather resources in order to unlock the other Valorplates.

  • 5 Valorplate Cores
  • 50 Aetheric Filaments

Aegishorn Augment Constellation

Godfall Aegisorn Valorplate Augments

Godfall Aegisorn Valorplate Augments

Augment Nodes Unlock

  • Level 10: White Node Unlocks
  • Level 15: White Node Unlocks
  • Level 20: White Node Unlocks
  • Level 25: Red Node Unlocks
  • Level 30: Red Node Unlocks
  • Level 35: Green Node Unlocks
  • Level 40: Green Node Unlocks
  • Level 45: Green Node Unlocks
  • Level 50: Blue Node Unlocks

Aegisorn Build

Is Aegishorn The Best Tank In Godfall??? This Build Can Do It All!!!

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