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Godfall Character Loadout

Godfall's Character is defined by its loadout.
Godfall's Character is defined by its loadout.

In Godfall it looks like you can play as various characters but actually, the different armors generally determine the character class you play as. There are 12 legendary armor sets in Godfall, they are called Valorplates.

These Valorplates originally belonged to the Archons, these God-Like warriors were masters of melee combat. Now you can wear them and tap into their strength. Each Valorplate is inspired by a Zodiac and has its own stats and unique ability.

Character Class

The Character Class you play as is not solely determined by the armor set you equip. There are other gameplay elements that can push your character into a specific role.

Through all these abilities you can create your ultimate character build. You can become a fast assassin or the team’s healer.

Character Loadout

You can create your ultimate build in ‘Seventh Sanctum’, that’s your character’s home base. There you can choose your mission and equip the appropriate gear. Your loadout will consist of;

  • 2 Weapons
  • 4 Trinkets
    • 2 Rings
    • 1 Amulet
    • 1 Charm
  • 1 Life Stone
  • 1 Battle Banner

While Godfall prefers offense over defense you will face off against multiple enemies at the same time. There will also be 1-on-1 combat situations where you face off against stronger enemies, like mid-bosses and big bosses.

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