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Godfall Crafting

Godfall Enchant Weapons
Godfall Enchant Weapons

Godfall features a crafting system. By collecting materials throughout the game you can upgrade your weapons. You can do this between missions at your home base, Seventh Sanctum, as you prepare for your next quest.

In the PS5 Gameplay Reveal Trailer, you can see various items drop from enemies. This loot can be new weapons, gear, or crafting materials. With these materials, you can enchant your weapons and level them up to a higher level. This way you are able to use your starter weapon throughout the game, however, you probably find better gear on your journey.

Godfall Crafting - Upgrade Weapons
Godfall Crafting – Upgrade Weapons

Enchant Weapons

You can Enchant weapons and raise their rarity all the way up to legendary. Legendary items cannot be Enchanted. To enchant items you need various resources. The higher the upgrade, the more crafting materials you need. With each enhancement, your weapon gains a secondary attribute.

Upgrade Weapons

You can upgrade a weapon and increase its effectiveness. Making it more powerful and therefore increasing your DPS. You are also able to increase 1 of the secondary attributes that the item contains.

Crafting Materials

Aetheric FilamentCan be found in the Air Realm.
Air SigilEarned by completing missions in the Air Realm
Coin of ValorEarned by completing missions
Crystalline TearCan be found in the Water Realm.
DragonsteelCan be obtained by salvaging Epic or higher gear.
Earth SigilEarned by completing missions in the Earth Realm
ElectrumDefault currency you collected from defeated enemies, treasure chests, and salvaging equipment.
Incarnate EssenceCan be obtained from mid-bosses and elites.
Infused JasperCan be found in the Earth Realm.
Orb of EternityCan only be obtained within Dreamstone missions.
Orb of OblivionCan only be obtained within Dreamstone missions.
Primal QuintessenceThese are obtained by killing bosses, so Solaris, Zamora, Lunara, Grevious Sunsteel, Gilden Commander, or Macros.
SunsteelCan be obtained by salvaging Uncommon or higher gear. But can also be found in floating green spheres out in the zones.
Valorplate CoreYou earn these as mission rewards or collect them from Fallen Soldiers.
Water SigilEarned by completing missions in the Water Realm
Godfall Crafting Materials

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