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Godfall Lore - Episode 1: The dragon who dreamed the world! Kosmera & Aperion!

The History of Aperion

Kosmera made the world when she devoured herself. The Archons were her dreams and they dreamt hungrily of existence. There was nothing to satisfy the hunger but her own flesh. From the ruins of Kosmera’s body, the Archons stepped forth into existence.

Fall of the Archons, Book 1

We Valorians were their first design. All twelve Archons collaborated to craft us forms that they would also eventually use. We had always believed they made us in their image, but they would ultimately make themselves, too well, in ours.

Fall of the Archons, Book 2

The people of Aperion had misunderstood the Archons’ nature. They should have stayed as gods of ideal. When they spun themselves physical shapes, incarnation themselves into the physical realm, they became trapped by the sins of mortality.

The Upheaval, Book 6

Overcome by mortal anger, jealousy, and ambition, the Archons quarreled, they argue using armies. We Valorians were made by the Archons to be their armies. And so, with little choice, argued.

Fall of the Archons, Book 4

With Valorians as their great armies, each Archon, according to their nature and their hunger, be it conquest or be it mercy for the conquered, made war. We did not know how deeply Kosmera’s hunger had chewed into our souls, then. We would learn.

The Upheaval, Book 8

The Archons’ unwavering belief in their own perfection would doom us if we continued to follow them. They had to be stopped. We would not allow them to corrode our attempts to build a true civilization.

The Upheaval, Book 12

It did not escape us that the Archons never worked together. It would be difficult for one of us to take on an Archon and win. But unlike them, we were not alone. Even if they would not work together, we Valorian could.

The price in blood was high, but we had done it. All twelve of the Archons were sent screaming back to the realm of dreams and spirit. Now the real work could be done. We could build a true society.

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