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Godfall Weapon Classes

Godfall Weapons
Godfall Weapons

Everything you need to know about the weapons you use in Godfall’ combat


In Godfall you can master and they are divided into 5 weapon classes. Each weapon type has its own unique playstyle. Because Godfall is a ‘Looter-Slasher’ you will be able to obtain a wide range of weapons within each classification.

Because there are over 120 unique weapons in Godfall and they all have some lore associated with them. In Godfall, the weapons determine your character’s move set, not the Valorplates.

Counterplay Games want you to master the weapons and not restrict you by bringing in variations based on the armor set you are wearing.

The combat in Godfall is mostly about ‘many vs 1’ and focuses on close combat melee. That said, there are ‘1 on 1’ encounters and you are able to perform long-range attacks. However, these long-range attacks do have eighter a cooldown or a charged-up mechanic in order to perform them.

So you can perform a ‘spin attack’ with your dual blades that have an extended range because they are attached to chains. And you can also throw your sword or spear at enemies from a distance.

Weapon Requirements

Weapons will have an ‘item level’, therefore, you will need to level up your character to the required level in order to wield it. But it also works the other way around. Throughout the game, you are able to collect crafting materials.

You can use these to enhance your weapons and increase their stats. So that it’s on par with the enemy’s level and your weapon is still effective. It’s possible to keep your LVL1 Pole Arm throughout the whole game and keep increasing its capabilities. However, there are various rarity tiers in Godfall, like Epic and Legendary, that provide better quality loot.

Weapon Rarity

The loot system in Godfall has 5 different rarity tiers.

  • Common: These weapons don’t have any additional effects.
  • Uncommon: These weapons only have a primary effect.
  • Rare:  These weapons have a primary effect and a random secondary effect.
  • Epic:  These weapons have a primary effect and 2 random secondary effects.
  • Legendary: These weapons have a primary effect and 3 random secondary effects.

Weapon Loadout

Before you start a mission in Godfall you can determine your build. You are able to equip 2 weapons into your loadout. Choose wisely which weapon type matches your play style and has the best synergy with your build. Weapons can deal different types of damage. On top of that, they can have additional primary and secondary attributes.

Weapon Types

  • Longswords
  • Polearms
  • War hammers
  • Greatswords
  • Dual Blades


Godfall Longsword Weapon Class
Godfall Longsword Weapon Class

Long Swords are balanced weapons. They have short cooldowns and don’t require long combo setups. Longswords are ideal for new players to get familiar with the game. They have a 4-hit light attack combo which you can also finish with the heavy attack.

  • Weapon Statistics:
    • Damage: Average
    • Range: Average
    • Speed: Average
  • Signature Moves:
    • Spectral Flurry: Eviscerate a single enemy with a series of damaging cuts.
    • Spiral Technique: Slide forward and perform a powerful slash against all Enemies in your path. At the end of the weapon technique, a follow-up attack can be performed to damage nearby Enemies if Timing Attacks are unlocked on the Skill Grid.


Godfall Pole Arm Weapon Class
Godfall Pole Arm Weapon Class

These weapons give you an extended range but deal a bit less damage. Polearms can be thrown.

  • Weapon Statistics
    • Damage: Lower
    • Range: Very High
    • Speed: Average
  • Signature Moves
    • Polearm Slam: Leap into the air and slam the ground dealing damage to nearby Enemies.
    • Javelin Throw: Throw your Polearm to deal damage and Blind a single target, stunning them briefly.


Godfall Warhammer Weapon Class
Godfall Warhammer Weapon Class

These are the hardest hitting weapons in Godfall. While they are powerful they lack speed. Warhammers can be thrown in a circle around you and do AoE damage.

  • Weapon Statistics:
    • Damage: Very High
    • Range: Average
    • Speed: Slow
  • Signature Moves:
    • Concussive Smash: Slam your Warhammer into the ground to deal damage to nearby enemies and stun them briefly.
    • Unstoppable Force: Slam your Warhammer into the ground to deal damage to Enemies in a straight line.


Godfall Great Sword Weapon Class
Godfall Great Sword Weapon Class

These are 2-handed swords that allow you to perform powerful strikes at the cost of speed.

  • Weapon Statistics:
    • Damage: High
    • Range: Average
    • Speed: Slower
  • Signature Moves:
    • Whirlwind: Launch yourself forward and spin your Greatsword to attack nearby enemies multiple times.
    • Great Throw: Throw your Greatsword to deal damage to enemies in its path. A well-timed throw m

Dual Blades

Godfall Dual Blades Weapon Class
Godfall Dual Blades Weapon Class

This is the fastest weapon class in Godfall. Deal quick blows to the enemy and overwhelm them with your speed. They are ideal for soft, unarmored, and single targets. Dual blades have a light attack combo of 4 consecutive hits. You can also perform a heavy attack called the ‘Blade Cyclone’. Your character will jump forward and perform a spin attack with both blades. This can be executed as a heavy single attack or at the end of your light combo attack.

  • Weapon Statistics:
    • Damage: Low
    • Range: Short
    • Speed: Very High
  • Signature Moves:
    • Inner Focus: Charge up to inflict massive damage.
    • Mortal Coil: Throw your blade into an enemy and pull them towards you.


While the shield isn’t one of the weapon classes in Godfall. You can utilize it to attack your opponents. Yes, you can block incoming attacks with it but you can also do some other cool stuff with your shield.

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