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Borderlands 3 Latest Weapon Buffs – These Guns WRECK Now!!!

Best Buffed Legendary Weapons - Borderlands 3
Best Buffed Legendary Weapons - Borderlands 3

Weapon Adjustments

Gearbox Software is doubling down on balancing the gear in Borderlands 3 to provide build diversity. This has resulted in frequent weapon adjustments in the game. Providing buffs various legendary weapons so that there isn’t just 1 option you have to go to in order to succeed. With all these hotfixes it can be hard to track which items you should be looking out for.  Well in this overview I’m going to provide you with list of items you need to be farming right now.

Top Legendary Weapons

These are the best legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 that recently got buffed by Gearbox Software. You should definitely check these out!!!


Change Log

  • Creeping Death (weapon info)
    • Increased the reload explosion damage

    Amazing Grace (weapon info)

    • Increased weapon damage

    Mutant (weapon info)

    • Slightly reduced the recoil rate
    • Increased weapon damage

    Pain is Power (weapon info)

    • Increased weapon damage.

    Try-Bolt (weapon info)

    • Increased weapon damage

    Satisfaction (weapon info)

    • Increased weapon damage

    Plumage (weapon info)

    • Increased weapon damage

    Freeman (weapon info)

    • Increased weapon damage

    Facepuncher (weapon info)

    • Decreased weapon damage
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