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7 Best locations to farm Chubby / Tubby enemies in Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Tubby Guide
Borderlands 2 Tubby Guide

Everything you need to know about Chubby and Tubby enemies in Borderlands 2. Discover what they exactly are and how to farm them.

What are Chubby Enemies?

Chubby enemies have a very rare chance of spawning. You can identify them as they are well rotund. There are Chubby variants of the Skag, Rakk, Spiderant, Varkid, Stalker, Midget, and Skeleton enemies.

They have an abnormal high health pool and are very strong, however, upon defeating them they also have a very high payout as these enemies will provide you with lots of experience points and a lucrative loot pool.

When do Chubby Enemies spawn?

As mentioned above the chance of spawning a chubby enemy is very low. Every time the game needs to spawn a badass enemy there is a slight chance of this being a chubby enemy. Therefore it is very rare to encounter one of them in the wild, especially at lower levels and playthrough modes.

Playing Borderlands 2 on Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode will increase the chance of encountering Badass enemies and therefore increase the chance of spawning a Chubby. On Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode Chubby enemies are called Tubby enemies.

Chubby Loot Pool

Chubby Enemies have a very lucrative loot pool as it has the chance to drop unique legendary class mods (3 for each Vault Hunter) and very rare pearlescent weapons.

Chubby Spawn Strategy

  • Play on Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode as this game mode will throw more Badass enemies at you. Each Badass enemy has a small chance of being a Chubby/Tubby.
  • Play in a 4 player co-op game, as more players will increase the difficulty, and therefore increase the number of Badass enemies.
    • Playing solo but still want to benefit from this difficulty increase. Go to the gate of Master Gee The Invincible in the ‘Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty’ DLC. You don’t have to fight this boss but by simply touching the gate you will trick the game into a 4-player state as all Invincible bosses are set to the 4-player difficulty by default.

Best Chubby spawn locations

Where can you find chubby enemies? Here are the best locations to farm Chubby / Tubby enemies in Borderlands 2.

Caustic Caverns

Because Varkids have the ability to evolve into stronger versions of themselves, the Caustic Cavern is an ideal location to spawn chubby enemies. As each Varkid can potentially evolve into a Badass version and therefore is able to become a Chubby. Combine this with the presence of Spiderant colonies, they together make the Caustic Caverns one of the best places to farm chubbies in the game without having access to one of the DLCs.

The areas in Caustic Caverns where the enemies spawn in Caustic Caverns are also pretty conveniently isolated and segregated. This allows you to farm for chubby enemies without having to deal with other enemies attacking their spawns. Farming for Chubby enemies in the Caustic Caverns also works well with farming for Vermivorous the Invincible as you need Varkids to evolve to a supreme state.

Tundra Express

The Tundra Express is another area where chubby farming is made easier due to the presence of Varkid colonies. Although this area has other enemies that will target Vault Hunters and interfere with farming. Vermivorous the Invincible can also be spawned in the Tundra Express, however, when the buzzards arrive your chances are reduced to zero.

The Dust

In the Durst, there is Bug Gulch behind Ellie’s Garage. This area has a large number of Spiderants, with very little resistance from other enemy types. Farming in this area is best coupled with farming The Black Queen, Gettle, and Mobley.

Natural Selection Annex (DLC only)

During the Creature Slaughter missions, badasses have a much higher rate of spawning, though in order to farm this area effectively one of the higher rounds will need to be deliberately failed, preferably on the final wave after the possibility of additional chubbies has been exhausted.

Arid Nexus – Badlands

There are around 12 skag dens in the Arid Nexus – Badlands. The quest Hungry Like the Skag will highlight the spawn areas on your map. Each den area is able to spawn Chubbies and Badasses.

Nearby the Fast Travel station there are 6 you can check quickly—3 on the ridge just right of the player spawn, 2 near a house area just ahead over a small ledge, and 1 by the skag pool straight ahead of the Fast Travel station. Utilizing the Save/Quit strategy, this area yields fast and reliable results in single player.

Three Horns – Valley

If using the Fast Travel station there are a few skags on the way to fight Doc Mercy. If none of these enemies are tubby skags then you can [Save]/[Quit], and enter the game again to check for the tubbies.

Dahl Abandon

You need the “Commander Lilith” DLC in order to do this trick. Visit Claptrap and accept the mission “Claptocurrency”. Follow the mission as instructed, however, once you mined all 10 BECHO Wafers, you need to [Save&Quit] your game. Do not deliver the BECHO Wafers.

Once you jump back into the game, you need to Fast Travel to “Mt. Scarab Research Center” and then use walk back to the Dahl Abandon area. This way you have a quick access point every time you [Save&Quit] the game.

Now you want to go towards the Dark Web Boss Fight location but as soon as you enter the area, 3 elemental Spiderants will jump at you. These have a high chance of being a Tubby variant. Have fun farming!


  • Killing a chubby enemy rewards players with the “Cute Loot” achievement.
  • In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, Chubby enemies become Tubby enemies.
  • All Chubby enemies have a chance to drop any of the pearlescent or legendary items (other than the Norfleet, the Ogre, or the “magic” grenades from Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep) and have an increased chance to drop legendary class mods, the Bunny, or Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
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