6 Tips to Get Loot Fast in Fortnite

Fortnite Loot Guide
Fortnite Loot Guide

Fortnite is all about  getting loot to up your game, however getting resources drains your time, so here are some quick tips you can use to maximize your gameplay.

Loot Tips

  • Always break garden gnomes. They have a chance to drop Active Powercells
  • To break things super fast, hit the very corner. The sweet spots barely move
  • Turn on your game audio because nearby chests will make shimmering noises
  • Get the outlanders with skill “Keen Eyes” to see through walls onto containers sorted by quality (green, blue, purple)
  • Mark items you want to keep as “Favourites” so you do not accidentally recycle them
  • Check the basement or the upper level of buildings as these are the common locations to find loot chests.

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