All Mayhem Mode 4 Legendary Items – Borderlands 3

Only a real badass can get these new legendary weapons! Are you up for the challenge? Here is an overview of all the new Mayhem Mode 4 legendaries that Gearbox Software added to Borderlands 3.
Mayhem Mode 4 Legendaries - Borderlands 3
Mayhem Mode 4 Legendaries - Borderlands 3

New Mayhem Mode 4 Legendaries

With the November patch, Gearbox Software added new legendary items to Borderlands 3. You can only obtain these when you are playing the game on Mayhem Mode 4. This new difficulty tier came along with the Maliwan Takedown. You can farm for these legendary items on the Maliwan Black Site, however, this is a piece of content has the highest difficulty tier. Because this takedown is designed to be played in a team of 4 Vault Hunters that reached the level cap. So yes you can find all this gear on the Maliwan Black Site if you play on Mayhem Mode 4. That said you can also find these items outside of the Maliwan Takedown. Check out the induvidiual item pages for their designated drop location. Happy Hunting!

Mayhem Mode 4 Legendaries Overview

More Legendaries

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