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All Portal Chest Locations in Borderlands 3 DLC; Guns, Love, and Tentacles

There are 9 Portal chests hidden in the Borderlands 3 DLC; Guns, LOVE, and Tentacles. Cursehaven (2), Dustbound Archives (3), The Crankerwood (1), Negul Neshia (1), Heart’s Desire (2)
All Portal Chest Locations - Borderlands 3 Guide
All Portal Chest Locations - Borderlands 3 Guide

Portal Chests in DLC#2

In the 2nd Borderlands 3 DLC; Guns, Love, and Tentacles, you can find these floating chest against a wall. Some community members call them wall chests or portal chests, Personally, I get the impression that they look like a scarab and therefore call them scarab chests initially. But when opening these rare chests they summon a portal and often spawn good loot. However, sometimes these wall chests spawn a Loot Skritaari. These badass enemies are pretty tough but when you defeat them, they will drop a lot of awesome loot. They are a great source for legendary items, however, they are pretty rare.

How to Farm Loot Skritaari

There are 2 things that you can do and this depends on your character. Because some save files have a ‘glitch’ and are able to keep farming rare chests. If that’s the case go to Cursehaven and farm the wall chest around the corner and you are golden. If your character doesn’t have that ability you can’t just easily ‘save&quit’ and hop back into the game. You could mimic it by making a back up of your save file, use a cloud save file trick, or run through the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC and visit every one of those scarab chests. These portal chests respawn after 20 minutes of in-game time.

Portal Chests Locations

There are a total of 9 portal chests hidden in the Guns, Love, and Tentalcals DLC. Using a snowdrift artifact you can open them all in about 10 minutes or so.

1. Cursehaven – Withernot Cemetery

This is probably the quickest Portal Chest you can find without doing too much effort. Use the fast travel station and go to ‘Cursehaven – Withernot Cemetery’ on Xylourgos. Run around the corner and you will find your first portal chest hanging on the wall. If these chests always open for you, then this is the best location for you to quickly farm these portal chests.


2. Cursehaven – Olmstead Square

The second portal chest in Cursehaven can be found between ‘Olmstead Square’ and ‘Vow’s Cast’. You probably recognize this as alley you went through after the Ceremony between Vincent and Eleanor. Since you probably already went through the DLC, you can use the exit as an entrance and quickly make your way to this portal chest.


3. Dustbound Archives – Cold Case Part 2

The 3rd portal chest can be found in the Dustbound Archives. When you enter this map, go past the receptionist’s desk to the next room. Take a right in the hallway, when you continue through the door, you will enter the room with the invincible walls. Since you don’t have the Seventh Sense quest weapon, you will have to navigate this blindly. You can see the walls slightly but it isn’t too hard to navigate. Halfway through the maze, you will stumble upon the portal chest.


4. Dustbound Archives – Public Library

The 4th portal chest can also be found in the Dustbound Archives. When entering this map, go past the receptionist’s desk and go to the holographic chamber. Take a right and go up the stairs to the public Library. At the end of this section, you will have to go to the upper floor. There is a switch hidden in the skull that’s sitting in the bookcase. When you press the button, a hidden area will be revealed as the bookcase starts moving.


5. Dustbound Archives – Den of Inquiry

The 5th portal chest can also be found in the Dustbound Archives. When entering this map, go past the receptionist’s desk and go to the holographic chamber. This time you go straight ahead and go through The Forbidden Stacks. Keep going straight ahead and you will reach the Den of Inquiry as its the next area. On the right side of this room, there is a balcony. You can use the objects in the environment to reach it.


6. The Cankerwood – Sweetfruit Village

The 6th portal chest can be found in The Cankerwood. Go through the woods as you normally would. Once you reached the next New-U station, go over the bridge towards Sweetfruit Village. The portal chest is located behind one of the buildings. So you want to move towards the next location but once you go through the gate you need to make a sharp left and go round the fence. Here you will not only find the portal chest but also an easter egg.


7. Negul Neshia – Xenocardiac Containment

The 7th portal chest can be found near the end of Negul Neshia. You want to visit Kukuwajack who is an Occult Hunt crew challenge on the Dahl spaceship. If you move past its chamber because in the next room you will find another portal chest against the wall.


8. Heart’s Desire – What Beats Beneath

The 8th portal chest can easily be accessed by traveling to the map ‘Heart’s Desire’ by using the ‘What Beats Beneath’ fast travel station (This location is also a great place to farm legendaries). When you spawned into that room, you can press a button and an elevator will come down. You can use this to go up and backtrack the map. Because once you made your way up there will be a portal chest in the room with you.

9. Heart’s Desire – The Carrion Tunnels

The 9th portal chest is located near the end of the Heart’s Desire map. When you move through The Carrion Tunnels you can find the final portal chest before the elevator going up. It’s located next to the Mancubus Statue.

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