Amara – Hellzerker Build (LVL 57) – Borderlands 3

Amara "Hellzerker" Build by LazyData

Amara Build by LazyData

  • [0:00] Intro and Gear choice
  • [5:41] Skill Spec
  • [14:28] Gameplay

Hellzerker Build 2.0

Original Hellzerker Build

  • You can use any weapon you want, LazyData just uses the Jakobs ‘Hellwalker‘ shotgun.
    • The artifact boosts the hellwalker with additional damage, reload speed, and magazine size.
  • The Legendary Phasezerker class mod is the bread and butter of this build.
  • The defense is a bit lacking in this build, LazyData compensates that with the transformer and the fastball. The transformer absorbs 100% shock damage from the fastball and refills your shield with that.
  • Amara Hellzerker Builder

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