Amara “Thundara” Build – Borderlands 3

GUN DAMAGE AMARA IS BACK! 100M+ Phasecast (Solo All Content!) // Thundara Amara Build Borderlands 3

Build Description

Powerful Amara Build by Moxsy that focuses on the special abilities of the new class mod that came with the Director’s Cut. Remnant Orbs have a chance to spawn a Blessed Orb that increases Amara’s weapon damage by 250% for 20 seconds. You can continue to boost your Gun damage by picking up the PhaseCast anoint for Amara that provides you with an additional +250% Gun Damage. That said, your Remnant Orbs can still hit for 100M damage with this build.



Amara "Thundara" Build Skill Tree - Borderlands 3
Amara “Thundara” Build Skill Tree – Borderlands 3

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