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Barkenstein Guide – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

TTWL Barkenstein Guide
TTWL Barkenstein Guide

Barkenstein is one of the hidden raid bosses in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. You will encounter this boss at the end of the Chaos Chamber after you completed the Green Sigil puzzle.

In this guide, I will tell you how to summon Barkenstein and how you can easily defeat him.

How to Summon Barkenstein?

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Boss Green Cipher

You can summon Barkenstein in the Chaos Chamber. This is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ main end-game content. There is a chance you will encounter a Green Sigil as you fight your way through various dungeons.

This sigil will appear after you completed a dungeon room, usually, it is located near the portal that leads you to the next room. There are a few rooms where the sigil is hidden a bit further away but you can always hear the sigil’s creepy laugh.

While regular Chaos Chamber runs have a small chance to spawn Raid Boss sigils, the Featured Run always has all 3 of them hidden throughout the course.

How to Solve the Green Sigil?

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Boss Green Puzzle

You can interact with the green cipher on the wall. After doing so, a wisp will emerge from it and will slowly travel toward a specific location in the dungeon room. Follow its trail and you will find a mushroom.

Jump on the mushroom to activate the puzzle. Only then, it will start to shoot out these spores into the sky. It’s up to you to shoot them all down. However, there is an order you need to follow. The spores will glow purple one by one and you will need to follow along. But you need to hurry as the spores are falling toward the ground and when they reach that point, you have failed the test.

You want to choose a precise weapon with a large magazine size. Blackpowder assault rifles can get the job done. The Live Wire is also a really good weapon to use. The (in)famous Liquid Cooling works.

The mushroom will shoot out a barrage of spores multiple times and with each barrage, the number of spores increases. When you manage to shoot them all down in time, the mushroom will explode into this big glowy sigil.

In case you weren’t able to shoot all the spores in time, you do get 3 chances before the mushroom disappears.

At the end of your Chaos Chamber run, you are presented with a Gold portal that leads to the Loot Room and a Red Portal that leads to the Raid Bosses.

How to Defeat Barkenstein?

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Boss Barkenstein

Barkenstein is a very strong boss with quick attacks and if you don’t know what you are doing this battle can be very intense, definitely when the arena fills up with poison clouds. However, I’m going to tell you what you exactly need to be doing and what to look out for and this boss will become a walk in the park.

Barkensteins Attack Pattern

  • Random Attacks with Weak Points
  • Rage Mode without Weak Points
  • Launches Toxic Spores

Phase1: Attacks with weak points

The attacks of Barkenstein are random but you can read his movements to anticipate his attacks.

  • Claw Attack:
    • You need to crouch to dodge this attack.
    • He raises his arm just before he slashes.
    • The weak point (the sigil) is in his claw before the slash.
  • Tail Attack:
    • You need to jump over this attack.
    • You can see that Barkenstein will put both claws on the ground during this attack.
    • The weak point (the sigil) is on his tail before the wipe.
  • Jump Attack:
    • You need to get far away.
    • The weak point (the sigil) is between his eyes.

Phase 2: Rage Mode

Barkenstein will turn green during his rage mode. He will perform the same attacks during this phase as the previous phase, however, he is a bit quicker and the sigil is removed to counter his attacks.

So beware of your surroundings but keep your attention on Barkenstein. Your goal is to survive this phase and chip away a bit of its health.

Phase 3: Toxic Spores

After Barkenstein’s Rage phase, he will shoot spores into the air. These use the same principle as the mushroom puzzle to unlock this boss fight.

You want to shoot as many purple glowing spores out of the air before they reach the ground. Because every spore that reaches the ground will create a big poisonous cloud. The toxic can damage you and can really restrict your movement in the arena.

After Barkenstein has shot out the spores, he will return to phase 1 and start attacking you with the sigil you can shoot to counter his attacks.

Barkenstein Tips

Try and avoid picking up hard chaos chamber curses when you want to go for these hidden raid bosses. You can pick up Butt Stallion blessings on your way to the boss.

Try and keep some distance between you and Barkenstein.

Shrooms will attack you at the start and during this boss fight. These are mostly “Harmless” and helpful to score a second wind when you go down. However, keep an eye out for those mortar shrooms that will bombard you from a distance. The swatter shrooms can also be annoying to deal with so clear those two.

Barkenstein can one-tap you, learn to dodge the attacks and keep a shroom alive to score a second wind.

Best Gear Against Barkenstein?

I got a bunch of awesome character builds up on the site that you can use.

Barkenstein has a red health bar and therefore is weaker against Fire Damage. Any of the meta weapons should do fine but make sure the weapon has a fast projectile speed.

The Legendary Sacrificial Skeep Amulet can be a lifesaver during this fight.

You can use the Counterfeint Ward to create decoys and draw attention ways from you.

If you run out of ammo quickly you can use the Last Gasp Ward.

Barkenstein Dedicated Drops

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Legendary Magic Spell - Frozen Orb

Barkenstein has a chance to drop the Legendary Frozen Orb Magic Spell.

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