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150+ Battleborn Hero Video Guides

battleborn hero guides

Get ready for some of the best Battleborn hero guides out there. This game has a wide range of playable characters, there is always a hero that suits your playstyle. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to play a healer, a tank, or an assassin. But not only with this big character roster to pick from there is also a way to tailor your hero one way or another. Because each of these heroes also has a wide variety of playstyles due to their helix skill tree. With the right helix choices, you can turn your hero to a more offensive or defensive side. Do you like to kill stuff faster, do you want to survive a bit longer, do you want to support your team, but you can also pick skills that give your hero different abilities? Another layer on top of this character customization you also have the ability to bring some gear into the match. These items can enhance the stats of your hero even further. For example, it can enhance your attack speed, health gauge, or skill cooldown. There is even some gear that gives you special abilities that let you slow or blind your enemies. These legendary gear can be found in the story campaign,  unlocked through challenges,  or earned through loot packs.

There are a lot of variables to account for in order to build the ultimate battleborn hero. To give you some better insights into building an unstoppable hero with the best loadout I have created some YouTube playlists to help you out. I have selected quality builds that were created by the community, these guys have spent loads of hours in this game. This is not just to help you guys out but also a shout-out to these awesome content creators for making these Battleborn hero guides.

You could also find these guides and more tips on the character profile pages, there you can also get an overview of all the heroes and find some more in-depth written guides or builds by the community.


Alani Guides
Battleborn - “Revitalizing Surge” - Alani PVP Build Guide


Ambra Guides
Battleborn: Ambra - Lore Completion Guide


Attikus Guides
Battleborn: Attikus - Lore Completion Guide


Benedict Guides
Battleborn Builds Ep.6 - Benedict "Scorched Earth"


Boldur Guides
Battleborn: Boldur - Lore Completion Guide


Caldarius Guides
Battleborn - “Blinding Speed” (Update 1.05) - Caldarius PVP Build on Paradise


Deande Guides
Battleborn: Deande - Lore Completion Guide

El dragon

El dragon Guides
Battleborn: El Dragon - Lore Completion Guide


Ernest Guides
Battleborn - “Eggcelerated Mayhem” - Ernest PVP Build Guide


Galilea Guides
Battleborn: Galilea - Lore Completion Guide


Ghalt Guides
Battleborn - “Chain-to-Pain” - Ghalt PVP Build Guide (1.07 Update)


ISIC Guides
Battleborn Builds Ep.4 - ISIC "Genocide.Exe"


Kelvin Guides
The Utility-Tank!!! Battleborn Kelvin Gameplay [Character Guide] [Support Build] #1

Kid Ultra

Kid Ultra Guides
Megaman!!! | Battleborn Kid Ultra [Character Guide] [Damage Build]


Kleese Guides
Battleborn Builds Ep.1 - Kleese "Hammer of the Gods"


Marquis Guides
Battleborn: Marquis - Lore Completion Guide


Mellka Guides
Battleborn - “Relentless Venom” - Mellka PVP Build Guide


Miko Guides
Battleborn Builds Ep.3 - Miko "Poisonous Combat Medic"


Montana Guides
Tank Build!!! - Battleborn: Montana Gameplay [Character Guide]


Orendi Guides
Battleborn: Orendi - Lore Completion Guide

Oscar Mike

Oscar Mike Guides
Battleborn - “Standard Issue” - Oscar Mike PVP Build Guide


Pendles Guides
Battleborn - “Shadow Prowler” - Pendles PVP Build Guide


Phoebe Guides
Battleborn: Phoebe - Lore Completion Guide


Rath Guides
Battleborn Builds Ep.5 - Rath "Not A Vampire Samurai"


Reyna Guides
THiRD SHiFT - Episode 12.5 - Reyna - Raining Damage

Shayne & Aurox

Shayne & Aurox Guides
Battleborn: Shayne & Aurox - Lore Completion Guide


Thorn Guides
Battleborn Builds Ep.7 - Thorn "Cursed Huntress"


Toby Guides
Battleborn - “Killing With Kindness” - Toby PVP Build Guide

Whiskey Foxtrot

Whiskey Foxtrot Guides
Battleborn Builds Ep.2 - Whiskey Foxtrot "Killer Versatility Build"
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