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Battleborn PvP Quick Leveling Guide

Battleborn Level Up
Battleborn Level Up

Battleborn’s PvP multiplayer modes will drop you into a 5 versus 5 battle.  At the start of the match, each hero starts off at level 1 and has to gain XP points in order to level up. Each time you climb higher into your Helix skill tree you not only unlock new skills, but your hero also becomes stronger. Leveling up faster than your opponents provides you with an advantage as you can outrank them in numbers. At each level up your hero will get some more health and damage output. But what is the fastest way to level up your hero? Well, in order to find that out we need to know how much XP we actually need to level up.

Knowing how much XP you need in order to level up can provide you with some nice insights to optimize your strategy.  But what steps do you need to take in order to reach those milestones?


Play the objective

Each of the multiplayer modes has its own objective and by staying on this target you will gain XP. It’s tempting to go after the Hero Kills but this isn’t necessary to win the match. Survival is the best strategy, those respawn times can really increase the end game. Waiting around doesn’t help you or your team. But what are the best targets that provide that nice XP flow you need?


  • Neutralizing or Capturing a zone will provide you with 100XP.
  • Holding a zone will provide you with 3XP per second.

Meltdown / Incursion

  • Clear Minion waves, each bot grants you XP according to its importance. The bigger the Minion, the bigger the XP reward.
  • XP from the Minions is increased during the match.
    • Meltdown: +6XP per Wave
    • Incursion: +6XP per 3 Minutes
  • Damaging a Minion within a few seconds of its death will also grant you XP.
  • Meltdown: Minions XP for the losing team is boosted based on the team’s setback.

Kills Count

elite bot build50
elite bot kill45
meltdown small minion19+6 per wave
meltdown Shepard25+6 per wave
incursion small minion25+6 per 3 minutes
incursion assasin bot30+6 per 3 minutes
thrall capture45 kill, 100 capture
team thrall63+6 per 3 minutes
Data by Skelion

Battleborn Kills

Killing one of the opponent heroes does result in some sweet XP, but isn’t always easy to pull off. If you attack in a group you will get XP for an assist. Spotting an enemy by pinging them also provides the assist XP.

Solo Kills

  • Capture = 96x target level
  • Meltdown / Incursion = 80x target level

PRO TIP: On capture maps, Varelsi will spawn after 2 minutes. Killing these will result in them dropping a free helix upgrade.

Making the right investments

Some Battleborn adopters start grinding for epic gear and bring them along in PvP.  They believe with these high activation cost gear they out-match their opponents. Yes, gear does boost your stats, but early game it’s much more interesting to invest your gathered shards into buildables. Spending your shards by building stuff, you not only support your team you also gain XP. As mentioned above leveling up your Battleborn will result in an increase of your hero’s life gauge and damage output. So think about what you will invest in.


We established that spending shards on builables is a good investment. But how do we get those shards? Early on in the maps you have those small chunks you can collect. But after 2 minutes into the match, the big shard clusters spawn. Try claiming those zones ahead of time to secure your income. Upon death, Minions will also drop some shards for you to collect. Pick these up you not only gain XP from clearing the Minion wave you also gain shards to invest. But beware collecting these shards in the middle of a battle comes with some risk. Remember survival is key, but also prevent your opponents from picking them up.

PRO TIP: Grey gear with a negative stat  have zero activation cost. Find one with a negative stat that doesn’t affect your hero. You might want that Shard generator with negative reload speed for your melee character because you don’t need to reload. You can start collecting shards when you are still watching the introduction video at your spawn.

Spending Shards

So now that we have shards, however, in which buildables do you need to invest for the sake of gaining XP?

BuildableShard costXP gained XP/Shard
Shock turret 1300570.19
Shock turret 24001140.285
Shock turret 35001710.342
Giant minion600500.083333333
Supply station 1200160.08
Supply station 2300320.106666667
Supply station 3400480.12
Stinger turret 1300240.08
Stinger turret 2400480.12
Stinger turret 3500720.144
Thumper turret 1300240.08
Thumper turret 2400480.12
Thumper turret 3500720.144
Acellerator 1200160.08
Acellerator 2300320.10666667
Acellerator 3400480.12
Data by SauntTony15
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