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Beast of Rasharn – Hidden Immortals of Aveum Boss

The Echollector Update secretly added a hidden boss fight to Immortals of Aveum. The developers hinted at it by adding a mysterious note to the changelog. Initially, when I asked about it the developers were vague about it, however, I quickly discovered its secrets but after the latest Mr. Beast video it all makes sense. Since I was the first to post about this, I’m gonna claim that I was the first to kill Mr. Beast.

Addressed rumors of a new Beast among Rasharn’s ranks still lurking within the borders of Kalthus.

Immortals of Aveum Patch Notes

How to Find Mr. Beast in Immortals of Avuem

Immortals of Aveum Beast of Rasharn Guide

The first possible moment that you can encounter Mr. Beast is once you get to Chapter 16 “Glaivegate” and need to “Reach the Wall”. While Jimmy isn’t directly on your route while following the main story you can confront him and his followers.

  1. Make your way to Kalthus using the “Font of Kalthus” Fast Travel Portal.
  2. Defeat the wave of enemies as you step out of the Portal.
  3. Jump down into the hole towards the “Font of Kalthus” area.
  4. You will encounter the Beast of Rasharn as you make your way through the cave.

Beast of Rasharn Guide

Immortals of Aveum Beast of Rasharn Boss

Multiple Heavy Rasharn forces will spawn alongside the main boss. They will try to swarm you and make your life difficult as they will summon a Blue Bubble Shield. You can use Blue Magic to counter the shields and use the grapple points to quickly move around.

The Beast of Rasharn are already grouped together when they spawn. This initially makes them an easy target for area-of-effect spells. You can start this boss fight by casting a Vortex Fury and following it up with a Blastwave Fury at their position and shooting them with a Red Sigil. This can quickly eliminate Jimmy’s followers before they summon their shields. You can then takedown Mr.Beast by casting your ultimate spell Immolate.

Boss Reward

If you manage to defeat the beast of Rasharn, you are rewarded with a lot of money to help you upgrade your gear which gives you that edge.

Normal100,000 Gold
NewGame+400,000 Gold
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