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7 Best Battleborn Starting Characters for Beginners

Best Battleborn Starting Character for Beginners
Best Battleborn Starting Character for Beginners

Selecting your first hero in Battleborn can be tough, especially the first time when you are presented with the full character roster in the character select screen. Having 30 characters to start with can be intimidating for new players. With such a large amount of playable characters and limited time to make a selection, it is recommended that explore your options. In this guide, I’m going to help you select a good starting character for new players to begin with.

Play-style matters

There are a few elements you should consider before picking your first hero. Because each Battleborn has its own unique set of skills and abilities that determine their play-style. They all play a bit differently and this should match up with your own play style. So what games have you played in the past and which gameplay styles do you prefer?

Not Every Hero is Designed for you

Because of such a big character roster Gearbox could create a wide range of heroes to play with. They didn’t have to limit themselves to making just 1 melee character that everyone needed to like and enjoy playing with. So instead of having those ‘in the middle’ characters, Gearbox could make heroes that are more left or right on the spectrum. This means that some characters are not designed for you specifically. It is also possible that you are good with a hero in the story campaign but you fail hard in contributing in multiplayer with that specific character.


Each hero has its own set of characteristics. With these 3 icons, the developers are telling you what the design philosophy is behind the character and where they stand out in. This way you can find out about the character’s play style. One of those characteristics is a skill level, you can recognize this based on the number of stars they are given. With 1-star heroes are easy to pick up, 2-star are getting more complex, and 3-star heroes are for more advanced players.

  • Easy – These heroes play very straightforwardly.
  • Complex – These characters have ability combos you need to pay attention to in order to use them well.
  • Advanced –  These characters require the use of combos, specialized skills, or technical play to use them well.


If you quickly want to try out new heroes you can visit the dojo. Here you are thrown into a simulation with a sped-up progression growth. You will get to start at level 5 instead of level 1 and you are given 100,000 Shards so you can buy every piece of gear you want. As you take down small minion waves new helix points will quickly become available. This way you can quickly test new heroes and play around with different builds that suit you.

Battleborn Hero Recommendations

There is more to each hero than what you see on the surface level, but here is a quick overview of heroes you should check out if you like playing these classes from different games.


Oscar Mike – Soldier

Battleborn Oscar Mike Ability Trailer

Oscar Mike is designed to be your default soldier-class hero. This clone soldier plays straightforwardly. He is equipped with an automatic assault rifle, frags, a stealth generator, and an airstrike. So if you are coming from a Call of Duty or a Battlefield, Oscar Mike is easy to pick up and play. At level 3 of his Helix skill tree, you are able to choose which kind of scope you want. Do you prefer a long-range scope or a red dot sight for more close-up combat? Choices like these let you customize your play style. The stealth generator is a neat little panic button for the story campaign. If you are low on health you just activate this skill and you will be safe, unless you are standing next to a bomb. The panic button doesn’t work in the multiplayer when you are playing with people. The stealth generator works like the predator cloak, players will barely see you, but it’s possible, that others just spray and pray.

Whiskey Foxtrot is similar to Oscar Mike. Change out the automatic rifle for a burst rifle and the frags are sticky frags in this case. That is what new players will see on the surface, however, this short description doesn’t do Whiskey Foxtrot justice. Whiskey Foxtrot is more tactical and more focused on doing a lot of damage on a single point. While he doesn’t have a stealth generator to hide he does have a scrap cannon, you can use this to take control on the battlefield.

Rath – Melee Assassin

Battleborn - Rath Ability Trailer

Rath is a great character if you like close-up melee. He is a powerful hero and has some great skills. In the story campaign, you quickly take care of your foes, and his ultimate move is very satisfying the rip through enemies, spin-to-win. For the multiplayer I wanna give a word of caution, Rath is an assassin-type character. This means that he has a low health gauge, so pick your targets and don’t run aimlessly towards the enemy base.

More: Holistic Guide for Rath

Marquis – Sniper

Battleborn Marquis Ability Trailer

Marquis d’Caliber is a gentleman sniper. His default shots come from a pistol, but aiming down sight turns his cane into a long-range sniper. Marquis’ abilities and skills help you pick up those long-distance shots and reward you for being a good sniper. With his ‘Temporal Distortion’ skill, you can create a bubble and slow down time. This is good for crowd control and makes it easier to land those critical hit shots. Later on in your helix skill tree, you can choose to double down on this effect and slow your enemies even further. But you can also choose for a damage over-time effect, the longer enemies stay in the bubble the more damage they continue to take. Marquis’ passive skill called ‘ein-zwei-die’ lets you mark targets. If you manage to hit a marked target multiple times you will deal bonus damage.

Thorn is a great alternative, she is faster and more focused on Area of Effect damage.

Miko – Healer

Battleborn Miko Ability Trailer

If you have trouble staying alive Miko is for you as he can not only support other players but also heal himself. But remember Miko is a support character. While he can stand his own ground, in multiplayer matches people expect you to play the support role and heal your team so everyone can stay in the fight. Stay close to your teammates, pairing up with a Montana will make you a devastating team.

Do you prefer a more hands-off approach to support your team? My personal favorite is Kid Ultra. Easy to pick up and more of a pusher. With his support drones, you can heal your teammates. He is like the ultimate sidekick because staying close to your teammates will also boost their abilities.

More: Holistic Guide for Miko

Montana – Tank

Battleborn Montana Ability Trailer

Montana is a tank. Because he is so huge he becomes an easy target, luckily he has a tiny head so his critical weak spot is pretty small. Montana does have a large health gauge to keep him in the fight. Montana’s gameplay loop is based around the heat gauge of his minigun. You want the heat level to be high enough so you can benefit from the additional bonuses but don’t want to overheat it because this will force a cooldown. In Montana’s helix skill tree, you can augment these effects to maximize your additional bonuses.

More: Holistic Guide for Montana

Mellka – Allround

Battleborn Mellka Ability Trailer

Mellka is the character you play in the prologue. I think she is a great starting character as she already functioned as the tutorial character, but her abilities are pretty all-around. Mellka is effective as a mid-range shooter but also as a close-up brawler with his melee capabilities. This makes her very versatile and her agile abilities play into that gameplay style. She can quickly jump from one scenario into the other. Mellka is a great character if you like to mix things up.

Orendi – Community Favorite

Battleborn Orendi Ability Trailer

Orendi was a community favorite early on and that is not just because of her looks or voice actor. With Orendi you can quickly harass your enemies and bail out when needed. She quickly became a nightmare in multiplayer matches. Orendi’s default attacks are quick but her devastating skills take a bit of a charge to impact. This makes landing a good shadow pillar is very satisfying.

For more useful tips check out the Battleborn Guides section.

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  1. I love playing every single character. I suggest that when you start a game hit the random option and g… https://t.co/YQqnUozO50

  2. I suggest (And don’t suggest at same time) Orendi for starting character, her playstyle is simple and d… https://t.co/4gghIYkdBy

  3. Oscar Mike for sure.

  4. Orendi was my favorite. Marquis was exceptional as well. Rath is good for people who like melee. Truth… https://t.co/axAotNYa08

  5. I started off with Rath and would suggest him to people who are playing BB for the first time (and like a bit of melee)

  6. Shayne

  7. Mike is definitely one of the easiest to get the hang of if you’re familiar with any FPS games. Miko as well, if you’re a fan of support classes!

  8. Mellka is great for the tutorial part, as she gives you a good sense of how to use pretty much all of y… https://t.co/rIMkaiTkNc

  9. Soldier 76

    • Yeah Oscar Mike is Great

    • <3 ur page

    • Thanks! recently build a new website. Now that’s done I can start making content again 🙂

  10. Óscar Mike and whiskey foxtrot are the Ryu and Ken of battleborn. Kelvin would be blanka. Well I can go on all day, but those two, for me, seem like the most straightforward and easy to use for beginners

    • That is one awesome comparison 😀

  11. Orendi was the first character that made the game really click for me.

  12. I think Mike is a good one to start with, you could be new to FPS entirely and have a chance with Mike.… https://t.co/C2HIuQemY5

  13. Oscar Mike

  14. For me it depends on the style you wanna be. are you a person who wants to fight from a distance? do yo… https://t.co/hITErlHteP

  15. In my opinion is isic, cause dude got good damage and can teleport

  16. Montana is very straightforward, so that would be a plus. Oscar Mike seems like another very good starting point – he has a decent range, an effective ultimate, and being able to turn invisible should help a starting player escape if things get too hairy. Probably not super imaginative choices, but survivability and ease of use seem like something that would help a new player get into the swing of things more easily.

  17. mike all day long

  18. Been a while and since this plays like a shooter, Oscar Mike. Stereotypical FPS character with a carefree attitude.


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