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Best Eridium Farm in Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Best Eridium Farm Locations
Borderlands 2 Best Eridium Farm Locations

Eridium is a rare currency in Borderlands 2 that you can use to purchase upgrades from the Black Market or access Raid Boss Dungeons. You can obtain small amounts of it during your playthrough by doing missions or defeating tough enemies, however, in this Borderlands 2 guide, I’m going to tell you how you can easily get Eridium.

How to get Eridium?

You can get Eridium in Borderlands 2 by doing these things:

  • Defeat Badass Enemies
  • Complete Main Story Missions
  • Win Eridium at the Slot Machines in Moxxi’s Bar

Best Early Game Eridium Farm

There is a reliable Eridium farm location early on in Borderlands 2’s main story campaign. It won’t make you super rich but it is a nice way to get those first few Storage Deck Upgrades when you just started playing the game.

During the story mission; “A Dam Fine Rescue”, you will encounter the mini-boss called Bad Maw as you try and enter the Bloodshot Stronghold. This Nomad Torturer will always spawn at the bridge leading up to the stronghold entrance.

What you can do is enter the Bloodshot Stronghold and then turn around and make your way back to Three Horns Valley. Bad Maw will spawn directly in front of you at the end of the bridge.

After defeating Bad Maw, you can easily Save&Quit and then continue at the Bloodshot Stronghold entrance and fight him again.

TargetBad Maw
LocationThree Horns Valley
Eridium~4 per run

Best Late Game Eridium Farm

Okay, you managed to complete the main story campaign and you are in need of Eridium. The best location where you can farm Eridium is at the game’s final boss, The Warrior.

This Vault Moster is an easy and consistent way to collect Eridium and something you can do when just beating your first playthrough because the Raid Boss Terramorphous provides a similar amount of Eridium but is likely too difficult at first. However, when you are able to easily defeat Terraporphous there are better options for you out there.

TargetThe Warrior
LocationVault of the Warrior
Eridium~17 per run

Best End Game Eridium Farm

This End Game Eridium Farm is the absolute best Eridium Farm in Borderlands 2 and requires the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC and additional playtime beyond the first playthrough.

What you want to do is bring your high-level character down from UVHM or TVHM back into Normal Mode. This way you will be overpowered and can easily defeat the Raid Boss in this DLC.

  • Play on Normal Mode instead of TVHM or UVHM
  • Complete the main story of Assault on Dragon Keep
  • Travel to Flamerock Refuge
  • Talk to Mr. Torgue
  • Accept the “Raiders of the Last Boss” quest
  • Travel to “Lair of Infinite Agony” and follow the quest markers
  • Pay 20 Eridium to access the Raid Boss dungeon
  • Fight the LVL 38 Ancient Dragons of Destruction in The Winged Storm area with your higher-level character.
  • Save&Quit and then continue playing to fight the Raid Boss again without paying the entry fee.
TargetAncient Dragons of Destruction
LocationThe Winged Storm
Eridium~75 per run

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