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Best Legendary Farm Locations in Borderlands 3

Best Legendary Farm Location in Borderlands 3
Best Legendary Farm Location in Borderlands 3

Best Farm Locations

There are a lot of legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 and most of them have dedicated loot sources. However, some enemies aren’t always as generous with dropping their specific items. Sometimes it’s better to farm a named enemy that has a high chance of dropping random legendaries. In this guide, I’m going to tell you where the best locations are for obtaining these world drops. These first 4 bosses, all drop a good number of legendary items. You should focus on farming the boss that you can kill the quickest.

Graveward – The Floating Tomb

Graveward is one of the most popular bosses to kill in Borderlands 3. It has big crit spots for you to target and is relatively easy to take down with the right build. Another reason, why Graveward is popular is because you can get a bunch of legendaries from this fight. Before Gearbox Software assigned the world drops to specific names enemies, Graveward was the place to go for your world drops. You can find Graveward at The Floating Tomb on the planet of Eden-6. There is a fast travel station right outside its Tomb where you can stack up on ammo.

Weapon of choice: Krakatoa

Captain Traunt – Athenas

When some Vault Hunters got tired from fighting Graveward, they started seeking out new ways to quickly obtain legendary items. Captain Traunt appeared to be a fun boss fight, he dropped a lot of loot, and most importantly he was quickly repeatable. Just bring a shock weapon to strip his shield and don’t attack him with Cryo weapons as he is immune to that element. You can find Captain Traunt at the end of the map Athenas on Athenas. I recommend equipping a snowdrift artifact to speed up your sliding speed.

Weapon of choice: The Lob (shock)

Gigamind – Meridian Metroplex

Another Boss that quickly became popular is Gigamind. He is pretty easy to take out and drops a good number of legendaries. Gigamind is located in the Meridian Metroplex on Promethea.

Weapon of choice: The Lob (shock)

Agonizer 9000 – Guts of Carnivora

The Agonizer is one of the most fun bosses in the main game. With the right loadout, you can quickly dispose of this boss and start farming badass loot. The Agonizer 9000 is weak against corrosive, check out this guide for the best corrosive weapons. You can find the Agonizer 9000 in the Guts of Carnivora on Pandora. In order to get to this boss fight, you do need to walk a long way through the map to reach the arena. I recommend equipping a snowdrift artifact to speed up the walk. There are also a few good skips that shorten your path.

Weapon of choice: The Cutsman (corrosive)

Slaughter Shaft

The Slaughter Shaft on Pandora is a really good place to get legendaries. During each round, you will encounter multiple badass enemies that have a high chance of dropping legendary items. With a good character build, you can clear out each wave and really rack up those legendaries. You want to pick the Slaughter Shaft above other Circle of Slaughter because of the enemy type and the amount of loot.

VIP Tower – DLC#1

At the end of Moxxi’s Heist on the Handsome Jackpot DLC, you will go to the VIP Tower. When you fast travel to this location you will encounter Loco Chantelle at the beginning of the map. She is a respawnable mini-boss that you will have to take down for the “Mayor’s Killer Look” sidequest. This is a great target to get DLC#1 class mods and the Nukem. But if you want a lot of legendary weapons in an easy way you actually want to the next area and confront Freddy. Clear the area before triggering the encounter with Freddy. There is a chance that he will spawn as a level 2 enemy instead of the correct boss level. This way you can quickly dispose of him and repeat the process. After you killed Freddie you want to fast travel to the entrance of the VIP Tower. Don’t Save&Quit like you would do on normal farm sessions. When you fast travel to the entrance and walk to the Freddie encounter he will once again spawn as an LVL2 and you can use a sniper to quickly take him out. Now you can swiftly repeat the process and stack up those legendaries.

Tom & Xom – DLC#2

You might have already seen my guide for Best legendary Farm locations in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC. But for this farm, you want to travel to the map “Heart’s Desire” and jump in using the “What Beats Beneath” fast travel station. Now you are 1 room away from the best legendary farm location for this DLC. If you progress through the map moving towards the end of the map, you will find a mini-boss in the next area. Here you will fight against Tom & Xam. During your encounter with this duo, you will need to defeat only 1 of them. Once you have done that, you will need to fast travel to that “What Beats Beneath” fast travel station again. Now when you jump into the area again, your legendary items will still be there and the duo will both spawn again. This way, you can keep killing one of them and since these two are very generous with dropping legendary items, you can quickly stack a lot up those legendary items. The only downside of this location is that there is no vending machine, therefore, you will need to bring ammo yourself and gather them throughout your battles.

mentalmars What’s your favorite farm location in Borderlands 3? Let me and the community know in the comments below. – MentalMars

Legendary Farm Tips

  • Farm in TVHM for a better loot quality and a higher chance of getting anointed perks.
  • Increase the Mayhem Difficulty to increase the loot drop chance.
  • Create a boss killing build for your Vault Hunter.
  • Lower the Mayhem Difficulty when defeating a target takes to long. You can do more runs in the same amount of time.
  • Only bring the essentials with you. That way you have more backpack space to farm legendary items.
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