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Best Legendary Farm Locations in Guns, LOVE, and Tentacles DLC – Borderlands 3

Best DLC2 Legendary Farm Location Guide - Borderlands 3
Best DLC2 Legendary Farm Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Legendary Farming

With the release of the Guns, LOVE, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software added a bunch of new Legendary items to the game. However, obtaining these can be a bit of a challenge since you can only get these as a world drop. Meaning that they don’t have a dedicated source and that can leave you wandering aimlessly through the DLC2 maps. However, in this Borderlands 3 guide, I can help you get these badass legendary weapons with more ease.

Best Farm Locations

Depending on what legendary item you want to farm for, there are a few locations you can visit.

  • New Legendary Weapons
  • New Class Mods
  • Skullmasher
  • Rare Spawns

New Legendary Weapons

You can get most of the new legendary weapons from this location. However, since the Skullmasher is bugged you currently can’t get it as a world drop. If you finished the main quest of the wedding of Wainright and Hammerlock DLC, you have made your way to the Mansion. In this map, there is an awesome location where you can quickly farm for legendary weapons.

Best DLC2 Legendary Farm Location - Borderlands 3

Best DLC2 Legendary Farm Location – Borderlands 3

Travel to the map “Heart’s Desire” and jump in using the “What Beats Beneath” fast travel station. Now you are 1 room away from the best legendary farm location for this DLC. If you progress through the map moving towards the end of the map, you will find a mini-boss in the next area. Here you will fight against Tom & Xam. During your encounter with this duo, you will need to defeat only 1 of them. Once you have done that, you will need to fast travel to that “What Beats Beneath” fast travel station again. Now when you jump into the area again, your legendary items will still be there and the duo will both spawn again. This way, you can keep killing one of them and since these two are very generous with dropping legendary items, you can quickly stack a lot up those legendary items. The only downside of this location is that there is no vending machine, therefore, you will need to bring ammo yourself and gather them throughout your battles.

  • Map: Heart’s Desire
  • Fast Travel Station: What Beats Beneath
  • Target: Tom or Xam

New Legendary Class Mods

Eista the Invincible Spawn Location - Borderlands 3 DLC2

Eista the Invincible Spawn Location – Borderlands 3 DLC2

New class mods are always exciting as they can completely change up your character build. If you want to farm for these, you won’t get lucky at the previous farm location I mentioned above. During my farm sessions, I have never gotten any legendary class mods there. You want to fight Eista the Invincible for those new class mods. During the DLC’s main quest you encounter Eista and have to fight him in an honorable battle. If you complete all 3 of Eista’s side missions you are able to battle him in his “invincible” form. He is a solid source for these new legendary class mods.

  • Map: Skittmaw Basin
  • Fast Travel Station: Clan Amourette
  • Target: Eista the Invincible


Scarab Chest - Borderlands 3

Scarab Chest – Borderlands 3

The Skullmasher is a returning weapon from previous Borderlands games. It’s always been a powerful weapon and therefore, it’s popular in the community. However, the drop chance of this legendary sniper is bugged and therefore doesn’t drop in the DLC. The only way you can currently obtain it is when you find it in a chest. There are a few scarab looking chests that have a high chance of giving legendary items. Therefore, your best chance of getting the Skullmasher is doing chest farms. These Portal or Red chests have a 25minute cooldown. This makes farming these chests a pain unless you have a bugged save file and can farm these chests every time you load into a map. Here is a guide on where you can find all the portal chests.

Rare Spawns

The Guns, LOVE, and Tentacles DLC brings back rare enemy spawns. These badasses not only have their own dedicated legendary items, but they also can drop additional legendary items like the class mods and other world drops. With this guide, you can find all the rare spawn enemies in DLC#2.

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