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Best Legendary Magic Spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Legendary Spells
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Legendary Spells

There are over 20 Legendary Magic Spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and you are probably asking yourself which ones you need to farm. As Gearbox Software keeps balancing the game, with their weekly hotfixes, there has been an adjustment to the Legendary Magic Spells. Therefore, you want to most up-to-date info as the meta has shifted. So here are the legendary magic spells you need to farm.

5. Buffmeister

TTWL Spell - Buffmeister

The Buffmeister is a utility spell. This Miraculum Magic Spell doesn’t deal direct damage to enemies instead, it’s a self-casting spell that boosts your Fatemaker’s abilities. Therefore, it’s being used in a lot of End Game Builds as you can really increase your DPS. So every 30 seconds you can activate a power increase.

The Buffmeister will add elemental Bonus Damage that’s mentioned on the card to all damage dealt increasing your damage output for a short time. During this time frame, you also get an +98% Movement Speed Bonus.

Then the Buffmeister can add various other buffs depending on which roll you got. On the bottom of the card it can mention; Zap, Bonk, Kchow, and Pew. Each of these will add another hidden boost.

  • “Zap!” Buffmeisters:
    • +120% Spell Damage
  • “Bonk!” Buffmeisters:
    • +120% Melee Damage
  • “Kchow!” Buffmeisters:
    • +120% Ability Damage
    • +98.4% Ability Crit Chance
  • “Pew!” Buffmeisters:
    • +98% Handling, Accuracy, Recoil
    • +38.5% Fire Rate
    • +60% Reload Speed

You can get the Buffmeister as a random world drop but you can target farm it in the Chaos Chamber Loot Room by using all your crystals on the Spell Barf Bunny.

4. Tidebreaker

TTWL Spell - Tidebreaker
The Tidebreaker is a self-casting Miraculum Magic Spell that sends out a wave that will knock enemies back and soak them. While the Tidebreaker can deal a nice chunk of damage it’s a great utility spell. Enemies that are soaked will take increased damage from lightning and frost but less damage from fire.

Because the Tidebreaker increases your Lightning & Frost damage by 150% it can really help out your build on the higher difficulty settings as the numbers game kicks in. By soaking badass enemies or bosses and matching your gear to deal the correct elemental damage, you can push your DPS to the next level.

You can get the Tidebreaker from the Coiled Captors DLC.

3. Glacial Cascade

TTWL Spell - Glacial Cascade
The Glacial Cascade is a Conjura “Fire & Forget” magic spell that sends out a wave of ice spikes. It’s a great spell for mobbing groups of enemies as it covers a pretty large area. With a relatively short cooldown, you can quickly keep summoning waves of ice spikes while you shoot your way through your enemies.

With the June 23, 2022, buff, the Glacial Cascade received a 30% damage increase. This buff made this spell even more viable over the use of a Purple Quacking Sunder. While the purple spell has more range as it branches out, the Glacial Cascade can push the damage in its narrower path.

You can get the Glacial Cascade as a random world drop or from the Barf Bunnies in the Chaos Chamber.

2. Frozen Orb

TTWL Spell - Frozen Orb
The Frozen Orb is a Conjura “Fire & Forget” magic spell that literally sends out a Frozen Orb. As it relatively slowly flies forward you can see an ice storm around the orb. The projectile is able to seek out a target if it’s in close range. When the Frozen Orb collides with a target it will stick to it and will keep dealing damage.

The Frozen Orb is great for dealing a lot of damage to a single target. With the June 23 buff, this magic spell received a 275% damage increase and is now able to wreck bosses. Initially, I wasn’t really excited about this spell at launch as it was weak and traveled pretty slow. However, after the buff, I really enjoyed its destructive power.

You can get the Frozen Orb as a random world drop or from the Barf Bunnies in the Chaos Chamber. However, the Frozen Orb is also assigned as a dedicated drop from Barkenstein.

1. Threads of Fate

TTWL Spell - Threads of Fate

The Threads of Fate is an Arken Channeling Spell. You will need to charge it up before you can cast it and the longer you charge up the spell the stronger it becomes. When casting the Threads of Fate, you will summon an orb that will shoot out these dark magic beams. The beams will initially reach out in the direction you were facing but the beams can adjust and seek out a target.

With the June 23, 2022, buff, the Threads of Fate received a 50% damage increase.

This was one of those spells, I wasn’t all that excited about at launch, however, after the buff, dropping these Orbs during an Oblisk Run or Boss Fight can change the tide of battle in your favor as the Threads of Fate is able to deal great damage to its targets.

You can get the Threads of Fate as a random world drop or from the Barf Bunnies in the Chaos Chamber. However, the Threads of Fate is also assigned as a dedicated drop from Lissia, the Ancient Obelisk boss in Crackmast Cove.

Do you agree with this list or have any honoroable mentions, please leave a comment below.

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