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Best Loot Tink Farm Location in Borderlands 3

PATCHED  - LOOT TINK!! - Fastest Legendary Farm in Borderlands 3
Get a GUARANTEED Loot Tink every time. This run takes about 10-15 seconds and you get a Loot Tink EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Legendary Loot for DAYS

UPDATE: There is currently a hotfix in place that reduces the spawn chance of this loot tink. If you play offline the hotfix won’t be downloaded and you can bypass the changes until GBX pushes a patch which will make the changes permanent.

Best Loot Tink Farm Location

Go to the planet Eden-6 and fast travel to Jakobs Estate. Once you are there run to the zone called ‘Servan’s Lift’. Next to the building there will always spawn a loot tink. If you don’t know what loot tinks are, they are like the loot midgets from Borderlands 2. They drop a lot of money and quality loot. Loot Tinks also have a chance to drop legendary items. If you enable Mayhem Mode, you will increase the chance of getting multiple legendary items.  When you Save&Quit and reload the area, you will spawn next to the farm location. This way you farm this loot tink very VERY FAST!

  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Region: Jakobs Estate
  • Location: Servan’s Lift (Near the Bridge)
  • Chance: Guaranteed Spawn
  • Loot:  Lot of Money, Quality Loot, Legendary items
Best Loot Tink Farm Location on Eden-6 - Borderlands 3

Best Loot Tink Farm Location on Eden-6 – Borderlands 3

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