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Best Mayhem Modifiers in Mayhem Mode 2.0 – Borderlands 3

Best Mayhem Mode 2 Modifiers - Borderlands 3
Best Mayhem Mode 2 Modifiers - Borderlands 3

Best Mayhem Modifiers

With the launch of Mayhem Mode 2.0, Gearbox Software added 25 new Mayhem Modifiers to the game. With every Mayhem Level, you will have to face various of the modifiers. The higher mayhem level you select the more modifiers you will get. This can definitely increase the game’s difficulty. However, there are modifiers that aren’t that bad or that you can even take advantage of. There are characters or gear that benefit differently from certain modifiers. In this guide, I’m going to tell you which Mayhem Modifiers you should consider for your next run. Because Mayhem Mode 2.0 is part of Borderlands 3 end game and you will have to create a build that can take on the challenge.

Best Easy Modifiers

  • Galaxy Brain
    • You can use this easy modifier in conjunction with the very hard modifier; “Holy Crit“. This makes scoring crit hits easier and will also deal 25% additional damage. You do need to avoid dealing body shots as these will do 50% less damage.
  • Speed Demon
    • Having a bit of extra speed can be very beneficial, especially on the slower characters. It can help you maneuver through the combat zone and even dodge incoming projectiles. While Zane can already be a speedy character, he does benefit from the additional speed with his skill ‘Violent Momentum’. Because the faster Zane moves, the more damage he does. The same can be said when you are rocking the Spiritual Driver Class Mod on Amara.
  • More Than Okay Boomer
  • Slayer
    • This is a very useful modifier to have when you play as Amara. When combining this modifier with the skill ‘Ties That Bind‘ you can melee 1 enemy and kill every single target that is bound. Get an enemy to 15% health so it starts glowing blue. Phaselock that enemy and then perform a melee attack on that enemy. The insane damage will be shared across all enemies and can even kill bosses in 1 punch.

Best Medium Modifiers

  • Healy Avenger
    • The healing heart that gets released upon an enemy’s death isn’t really doing all that much. You probably had some target practice during the broken hearts event. Just shoot the hearts and you will get some boosters that can restore your life bar.
  • The Floor is Lava
    • Since you are always on the move, this one won’t bother you all that much. However, if you want to check out loot during combat or right after combat the lava will appear.

Best Hard Modifiers

  • Drone Ranger
    • Enemies can have a healing drone but you can rip through enemies faster than they can heal. They don’t really hinder you as you can easily take them out and they aren’t a threat to you.
  • Pool Party
    • Personally, I don’t like this modifier as it can really mess up the combat zone. However, if you are rocking a Transformer shield you can benefit from the shock pools that cover the floor. Now, these puddles will work for you, by recharging your shield, instead of against you.
  • Laser Fare
    • You could use these Spinner traps to your advantage. They are not as annoying as Pool Party and can easily be taken out. When you use something like the Brainstormer or the Reflux, you can use these Spinner Traps as a conductor to chain moving targets. However, it doesn’t work the other way around.

Best Very Hard Modifiers

  • Rogue Lite
    • This is the most neutral modifier. If you don’t go down, you won’t have any problems with Rogue Lite. And even if you go down there is a small window where you can trigger a Second Win and continue the fight.
  • Buddy System
    • With Moze, you can deal a lot of splash damage and the supporting Invunerablity Drone can often be hit while dealing damage to the accompanied enemy. The same goes for the Hard Modifier; Drone Ranger. Clearing out the Drone makes enemies vulnerable again.
  • Holy Crit
    •  This very hard modifier can be combined with the easy modifier, Galaxy Brain. This makes scoring Critical Hits easier and more effective. When you play as FL4K, you can use skills as Megavore to constantly deal critical hit damage.


What are your favorite Modifiers or Mayhem Mode 2.0 exploits? Let me know in the comments below.  – MentalMars

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  1. Honestly I’m kinda disappointed. Most are nothing I would even wanna try (Rogue Lite?? Not the face as a Fl4k main? …), Holy crit is basically the only one I go for on m10, and for the rest I use the least annoying ones, last two days it was pool party, used a transformer for that, but got annoying too after a while, now I switched to chain gang, will see how that works…
    As for medium I find healy avenger the lest annoying, and speed demon is fun and lootsplosion at least something…
    Big head mode is ridiculous, if it was only enemies I’d maybe use it, but I have no intention to run around like that..

    • Lexi Baldauf I roll fl4k and I have no clue on what to actually use.

    • Larry LaBarge Jr. I have lootsplosion, healy avenger, chain gang and holy crit and will probably keep it that way. Pools were getting annoying, especially with heavy zealots anointeds.

      I play m10, cause I want highest possible weapon stats, but atm I find it not rewarding. Drop rates are weak for m10, especially apart from world drops, and if a (mini)boss finally drops his dedicated item you can be sure it’s unanointed.

      In my opinion m10 should give some reward and motivation to play it, for example guaranteed anointed items (because let’s be honest, the chances to get sliding, airborne or wrong character are still high enough), and a higher chance for bosses to drop their exclusive items.

    • Lexi Baldauf hell yeah thanks

  2. Lootsplosion is one but the bad modifiers I have yet to find a fun mix on m10

  3. Well as a Zane main I really like the Speed Demon modifier. I can be really fast with +15% movement spe… https://t.co/HQynSw8vUN

  4. So far I like Speed Demon and LootSplosion that’s it.

    Favorite combo is my current on Mayhem 10

    Speed Demon, Healy Avenger, Laser Fare and Buddy System

    Pro tip if nobody knew: The drones from Buddy System, the hearts from Healy Avenger and the spinners from Laser Fare can be used for second winds. (y)

  5. One notably thing about Buddy System, much like the Spinners, is that the redistributor won’t chain til… https://t.co/05OYi2DH2x

  6. How is lootsplosion not the top easy mod?
    I really just assumed everyone had lootsplosion on by default.

    • Yeah, Lootsplosion is a good “neutral” modifier but when I wrote this article it wasn’t helping you out a lot. The other modifiers gave you more damage since the enemies had more health in the higher mayhem levels. Also, the higher Mayhem levels didn’t give you guaranteed anointments.


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