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Best Purple Magic Spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Purple Spells
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Purple Spells

There are a lot of Magic Spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and while we all got custom to seeking out legendary items, you should not ignore these Epic Purple Magic Spells. Because these more commonly found items can actually be devastating. A good place to farm for these Magic Spells is at the Barf Bunnies in the Chaos Chamber Loot Room.

Quaking Sunder

TTWL Spell - Quaking Sunder

The Quaking Sunder is a self-casting magic spell by Miraculum. The normal version will send a ground fissure forward from your location. But you want the Quaking version as this one sends a second burst of energy through the fissure, sending another shock of damage through the original damage area and branching out towards nearby enemies.

This magic spell is great for mobbing in or outside the Chaos Chamber as it will create a bunch of fissures that can quickly take out multiple mobs. It definitely helps my runs during Oblisk encounters in the Chaos Chamber.

The Quaking Sunder can come in various elements but I’m using a Dark Magic one as it helps with survivability.

Having an additional Spell Charge on the Quaking Sunder is a big win!

If you are looking for a Legendary Version of this spell then check out the Glacial Cascade. That spell doesn’t spread as much as the Quaking Sunder but deals great damage.

Triple Ice Spike

TTWL Spell - Triple Ice Spike

The Triple Ice Spike is a fire & forget spell by Conjura. With this spell, you will shoot ice projectiles from your hand. These spikes will travel pretty quickly and deal great damage. They are effective against single targets and with a spell build you can pretty easily take out bosses with the Triple Ice Spike.

If you are looking for a Legendary Version of this spell then check out the Laserhands. That spell does have a charge up but deals massive damage and will always crit.

Consuming Calamity

TTWL Spell - Calamity Meteor

The Consuming Calamity is a Conjura Magic Spell that calls down a meteor from the sky. The great thing about this meteor spell is that it pulls in enemies just before it impacts. Normal versions of this spell just call down a meteor and deal good damage and while they feel great to use, as they make you feel strong, the Consuming Calamity increases its effectiveness so much more.

I do like the version that drops down multiple smaller meteors but the damage is more scattered around and is only effective on large targets or groups of enemies. It looks great but lacks the punch.

Empowering Sigil

TTWL Spell - Empowering Sigil

The Empowering Sigil is a self-cast magic spell by Miraculum. It creates a force field around you but unlike other Sigil spells, this bubble will actually move with you, protecting you where ever you go as it sticks to you. While it only mentions that you get damage reduction as a passive bonus, the Empowering Sigil is able to freeze every enemy as soon as they enter your personal space rendering them immobile. This feature makes this spell great for melee builds.

There are other fun versions of this spell that offer different bonuses but those don’t stick to you. But the Fortifying Sigil can give you a +20% damage increase and heals you.

If you are looking for a legendary spell that offers great passive bonuses, then check out the Buffmeister.

Impaling Ice Spike

TTWL Spell - Impaling Ice Spike

The Impaling Ice Spike is a Conjura spell that summons ice spikes. This spell is devastating as with a quick finger-snap an ice spike shoots out of the ground and impales the enemy. Not only is this magic spell strong it also comes with a lot of charges and a pretty quick cooldown rate. This allows you to quickly repeat the spell and takedown mobs as they come running at you. It’s like you Thanos snap them out of existence.

I haven’t found a great legendary replacement for the Impaling Ice Spike as it’s rather unique in what it does in a single snap. If you want a wave of ice spikes, you should check out the Glacial Cascade but if you want a single target ice spell then check out the Frozen Orb.

Do you agree with this list or have any honoroable mentions, please leave a comment below.

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