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Best Solo Character in Redfall

Best Character in Redfall
Best Playable Character in Redfall

There are 4 playable characters available at the launch of Redfall and 2 more will be added later on as downloadable content. Each of these heroes has their own unique abilities and role if you play co-op, however, which of them is the best if you are playing by yourself and want to have a good time going through the campaign.

Redfall Character Tier List

After having played with all of the characters in Redfall, I have a different opinion than other articles you might have seen online.

4. Jacob

Redfall - The Deadeye | Jacob Hero Trailer

I see a lot of media outlets that list Jacob as the “Best Character in Redfall” and while he has a very powerful kit on a surface level that lets you outsmart the game, however, when that stealth and recon gameplay fails he has nothing to fall back on in his initial kit.

Jacob is that character you wanna play if you want to play a game stealthily, however, Redfall isn’t that type of game as it also sets you up for conflict and then you just surrounded yourself with enemies by sneaking into a building.

Jacob can become an assassin when you spend your skill points to be that. The “Hidden Strike” skill gives you the advantage to remain cloaked. The skill “Killer Corvus” for Jacob’s Raven provides you the ability to do damage with your Raven but when playing stealth it occasionally alerts all enemies, so that might not be useful. Full upgrading the Ultimate “Heartstopper” Ability to be able to shoot through walls would allow you to clear areas before entering them.

When you play as Jacob you need to rely on the environment itself when moving through the town of Redall. Jacob needs to be a bit more creative to access a building through alternative routes. You could enter a building using your cloak but early on you are positioning yourself up for failure because just surrounded yourself by enemies and the cloak isn’t that long if you are trying to sneak.

I think Jacob is more fun when you upgraded his abilities and are more familiar with the game.

3. Remi

Redfall: Remi's Robot Bribón Shreds Vampires and Accepts Pets | IGN First

Remi is more of a team player and should be Jacob’s “wingman” as she can grab him up. However, Remi can handle herself even if it is with the help of Bribón because the Siren ability is really good. It’s a great skill to distract enemies as you can finish them off.

Remi’s C4 Charge does good damage and can be upgraded to launch you into the air. This does help you get around Redfall, however, it isn’t the most stealth option.

Remi’s Ultimate can help you stay in the fight and can even damage enemies if you fully level it up but that’s a commitment you are going to need to make. Technically, you could do that at LVL 12 but I think you can better spend those first points on other abilities.

Remi is definitely a solid solo character that can grow more powerful throughout the game. She is likely a good character for less experienced players.

2. Layla

Redfall: Exclusive New Look at Layla's Backstory and Abilities - IGN First

Layla has a great kit to work with and is a good all-round character. Her Umbrella lets you protect yourself when you are being mobbed by enemies. It gives you a level of control as you can evaluate the situation and reclaim your dominance, by first blocking incoming damage and then launching a wave of damage towards your target.

The Lift is also a nice ability as you can use it to navigate the town of Redfall. It makes it easier to move around and get access to those alternative entrance routes. However, you can also use it against your opponents.

Layla’s Ultimate Skill is also very good, her Ex-Boyfriend can assist you in battle and help you clear out mobs. You can even get some synergy going on by picking up the “Downpour” skill for your Umbrella as any damage that is done to the Umbrella will provide you will Psychic residue to recharge your ULT faster.

1. Devinder

Redfall - The Cryptid Hunter | Devinder Hero Gameplay Trailer

Devinder has the best abilities that let you “cheat” at the game. First off he gets general skills that give him more money for salvaging gear and the strongest enemies – Vampires – are weaker against him.

His Arc Javalin is a Tesla coil that lets you deal good damage. While I feel that Remi’s C4 Charge deals more damage in one explosion, the Arc Javalin lingers around longer and enemies often run into the scene giving the Arc Javalin means to do its work.

Translocate is the best movement ability in the game because it can be thrown all over the place or through windows. This lets you easily access rooftops and buildings, however, it can also be thrown to bypass Cultist blockades and Red Mist.

Challenging Nest setups can even be easily bypassed with the Translocate device. But you can also just run through the Nest and have 8 Vampires on your tail because Dev’s Ultimate ability will save you. Dropping the Blacklight instantly freeze all vampires and you only need to punch them into oblivion.

These are all great abilities right out of the gate without any upgrades but when you are spending your skill points you can do even more cool stuff.

The Translocate and Blacklight both have healing upgrades. Even Remi only has 1 healing skill.

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