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Best Souls Farm Location in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Best Souls Farm
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Best Souls Farm

A great way to get quality loot in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is from the Wheel of Fate in Dreamveil Overlook. You can get a lot of legendaries from it. However, in order to spin Versper’s Wheel of Fate, you need to pay Souls. You can collect this currency in each of the DLCs, they are these purple skull-like rocks. Just hop into a Mystery Mirror and simply start killing baddies as each enemy can drop them. You can also open up the hidden soul chests to collect them. However, there is an efficient way to get souls easily and fast! DLC 3 currently has the best farming location but I also listed the two other DLCs in case you don’t have Molted Mirrors.

The results of these runs are done without Chaos Level, therefore, each enemy only drops 1 Soul. When you increase the Chaos difficulty more Lost Souls will drop.

Fastest Soul Farm – DLC 3 – Molted Mirrors

With this farm, you will be getting ~300 Souls per 10 minutes. I was running a companion build on my Deadshot. During the farm, all I did was shoot everything with the Legendary Ruby’s Spite and casting Pixies and Quaking Sunders to help out clearing the room.

How to get Souls easy and fast in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

  1. Enter the 3rd Mirror of Mystery – Molted Mirrors

    TTWL Soul Farm - Enter Molted Mirror

  2. Go left in the main hall

    As progress through the DLC, you come to the main hall that connects the various locations. Go left towards the lever.
    TTWL Soul Farm - Go towards the Mine Carts

  3. Pull Lever

    Pull the lever to lower the bridge and go across. Don’t fall off as this will take you out of the DLC.
    TTWL Soul Farm - Pull Lever

  4. Enter the Portal to the Mine Cart Escort

    TTWL Soul Farm - Enter Portal

  5. Move into place

    When entering the Mine Cart area, jump down and walk towards the first lever but you don’t have to pull it.
    TTWL Soul Farm - Location

  6. Shoot the Blimps

    From this spot, you want to shoot the Blimp enemies that are flying up in the air. They will keep respawning every time you kill one. Upon death, these Blimps will drop a few bugs that will come at you. This is a great source for easy enemies that can drop souls.
    TTWL Soul Farm - Blimp

  7. Loot the cave

    You can easily defeat the enemies with the Legenary Ruby’s Spite as the projectiles will home into enemies after killing 1 enemy with it. A quick way to clear the room of bugs is to use a Qacking Sunder Magic Spell as the fissures will cover the whole cave. After doing this for a few minutes you have a floor filled with loot and souls. Complete the mine cart escort to stop enemies from spawning if you want to safely inspect all your loot.
    TTWL Soul Farm - Loot

Souls Farm in DLC 2 – Gluttons Gamble

If you don’t have DLC 3, there is also a decent way to collect souls in DLC 2 Gluttons Gamble, however, this isn’t as efficient as in DLC 3.

You want to play through the DLC and when you end up in the pirate area. This is the 4th area in the DLC. You can avoid doing the quest, stealing 3 crabs, and just kill the pirates all day as these will keep on spawning.

I was running a Deadshot companion build. Shooting enemies with the Nightshade and casting Pixies and Quaking Sunders to clear out the room. Occasionally, I smashed an enemy with my Snake Stick as the Echo Mod allows me to deal damage and the weapon itself also summons a hydra. Doing this for 10 minutes gave me ~125 Souls. There was a lot of walking around, you are constantly scouting the mini-map for red dots to eliminate. Since the map has a lot of high ground, enemies can often be above you.

Souls Farm in DLC 1 – Coiled Captors

There wasn’t really a good farm in Coiled Captors. You could farm room 3, where you need to turn 4 valves. If you don’t complete the mission quest, coiled enemies will continue to spawn, however, they don’t spawn as fast as the pirates in DLC 2.

I was running a Deadshot companion build. Shooting enemies with the Nightshade and casting Pixies and Quaking Sunders to clear out the room. But after 10 minutes it gave me ~80 Souls. Which isn’t great compared to the other DLCs. So when you play Coiled Captors, don’t forget to farm those Hidden Soul Chests.

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