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Best Talents to Unlock in Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum - Best Skills Overview
An Overview of all the Best Skills in Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum has a ton of interesting talents that you can unlock throughout each of the Skill Trees that allow you to boost your abilities and 3 colors of magic. While there is a range of diverse setups you can make these are the essential Talents that every Battlemage in Immortals of Aveum should unlock as these upgrades are instrumental to a powerful build.

Talent Tree Essentials

You can’t go wrong with the core tier 1 talents in every skill tree. They are all beneficial to you with their general stat boosts but they will also provide you with your first damage boost as Magic Power is fundamental to damage scaling.

There are no wrong choices here as they open up your skill tree and you have a bit more time to discover the game when starting out.

ImpulseRedDecrease the Reload Time of all Sigils by 10%
SharpshooterBlueIncreases your Critical Hit Damage on all spells types.
Mana WellGreenPassively regenerate one Segment of Fury Mana.

The amount of damage you do also depends on the amount of Magic Power that you have. There are +20/40/60% Magic power talents in each skill tree. Get the Acolyte, Adept, and Mastery talents as they really help you elevate your powers.

Best Talents in Immortals of Aveum

Here are my Talent Tree recommendations that any Battlemage should have.

1. Guard Punch

Immortals of Avuem Skill - Guard Punch
Immortals of Avuem Skill – Guard Punch

What: Guard Punch is a really useful red magic talent as it allows you to swiftly restore your shield whenever it is broken. Because you will find yourself at the edge of life and death throughout Immortals of Aveum. Being defensive, without a shield, will be your undoing.

Why: Immortals of Aveum starts out easy and you can kinda ignore your abilities and just shoot everything in front of you, however, as the game scales up, you will need to rely more on the tools in your arsenal. Shielding yourself from damage is one of those things you can’t live without, definitely when you are trying to complete the Shroudfanes containing Legendary Rewards.

Notes: Guard Punch is a multi-color skill so you will need to invest in the Red and Blue skill trees. Once you get this skill you can simply punch an enemy and you will negate that cooldown and get your shield back.

2. Shred Punch

Immortals of Aveum Skill - Shred Punch
Immortals of Aveum Skill – Shred Punch

What: Shred Punch is a useful red magic talent that allows you to break enemy shields by simply punching them.

Why: When you start out, there is often just 1 enemy with a shield as the game sets you up to use the Shatter Fury, however, towards the end and definitely in the combat Shroudfanes you will find yourself facing multiple enemies that are all shielded and your Fury spell is becoming inefficient. Having “Shred Punch” is definitely a skill that will help you conquer those areas, while I won’t immediately pick this talent it’s one you need to work towards throughout the game.

Notes: This multi-colored talent requires you to invest in both the Red and Blue Skill Tree.

3. Living Explosion

Immortals of Aveum Skill - Living Explosions
Immortals of Aveum Skill – Living Explosions

What: Living Explosion is a great healing talent in the Red Skill Tree because you will be slowing down enemies and healing yourself. Whenever you shoot one of these Limpets with your Red Sigil, you will restore 5% of your maximum Health for each enemy hit.

Why: There are multiple battles where you will repeatedly take damage. During these encounters, you also want to have a constant source of healing. The Living Explosion talent provides those small chunks of health that will keep you up on your feet.

Notes: This multi-colored talent requires you to invest in both the Red and Green Skill Tree.

4. Siphon Shield

Immortals of Aveum Skill - Shipon Shield
Immortals of Aveum Skill – Shipon Shield

What: Siphon Shield is a sweet talent in the Green Skill Tree because whenever your Shield takes damage, you are healed for 25% of the damage taken by the shield.

Why: Usually, I got reminded to use my shield whenever I started taking a beating. This means my health bar has already taken a punch and this allows you to rebounce from that dip as you start using your shield more prominent in that scenario.

5. Sigil Skills

Immortals of Aveum Skill - Gathering Chaos
Immortals of Aveum Skill – Gathering Chaos

What: Each of the 3 Skill Trees also has a few talents that boost the corresponding Sigil. These make your primary Sigil attacks more effective and the final upgrades can really enhance your gameplay style.

Why: Each magic color has a specific play style and the final Sigil upgrades lean into that. Therefore, you want that final skill to supercharge your capabilities.

Notes: The final upgrades aren’t cost-effective (if you are simply boosting your Magic Power) as they cost two Talent Points instead of one. Therefore, you should focus on the magic color you mainly use during your initial playthrough. Getting all the skills is something you should save for when you are playing on NewGame+.

6. Corrosion & Decay

What: Corrosion & Decay are status effects in Immortals of Aveum that can deal “Damage over Time” (Dot).

Why: The “Damage over Time” (DoT) effects are pretty powerful in Immortals of Aveum. They are basically an additional layer of free damage you can apply to enemies, therefore, you should weave these skills into your build whenever you focus on the Red or Green Skill Tree. There are multiple melee-related talents that you can combine but you will also find these DoTs on several Fury spells.

Personally, I added Decay to my Limpets but this is a Tier 3 skill that will cost you a total of 4 Skill Points. You could also add Corruption to your Disrupt Spell, however, I never found myself using this ability a lot.

Note: Corrosion on itself only boosts your Red Magic effectiveness on enemies. You want to pair this with the Talent; Consuming Corrosion, so that it becomes a Damage over Time effect.


There are only a few Talents that I think everyone should have. I think everyone should enjoy the game in the way they like to play, therefore, I’m not forcing you to go down one path. When creating a powerful build you want to look for synergies, play to those strengths but also cater to your weaknesses.

Don’t stack up unused Talent Points because you will be missing out on the Magic Power that every talent provides and you will find yourself weak/under-leveled at some point in the game. Because your Sigil Damage = Base Sigil Damage + MagicPower * SigilMagicPowerScale. After that, you apply things like +shred% for shield/armor/regen and +crit% if you land a critical hit.

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