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Best Weapons in Redfall

Redfall Best Weapons
Redfall Best Weapons

Redfall has a variety of weapons and a bunch of unique legendary weapons that you can obtain as you try to save the town from a Vampire apocalypse. However, if you want to know what the best weapons in Redfall are then this guide is for you!

Stake Launcher – Strongest Weapon in Redfall

Every Vampire hunter needs a Stake Launcher in their arsenal because they are high-damage projectile weapons. They can one-shot regular vampires, however, as the ammo for these weapons is a bit scarce, you can best reserve their use for the moment you are fighting an Underboss, The Rook, or a Vampire God.

Perfectly Normal – Best Assault Rifle

Redfall Legendary Shotgun - Perfectly Normal

The Perfectly Normal is an unrivaled automatic rifle that deals great damage. It’s a great tactical weapon that is flexible during combat situations. You sneak around and one-shot cultist from mid-range as it is an accurate weapon, however, when things hit the fan and you need to go into a high combat situation, the Perfectly Normal is capable of quickly taking down enemies from a distance.

Ambition – Best Pistol

Redfall Legendary Pistol - Ambition

The Ambition is an Unrivaled semi-automatic Pistol that deals good damage. It isn’t the hardest-hitting Pistol in the game, however, its special ability is what makes this gun stand out from the rest.

The Ambition can defeat Vampires without the requirement of needing to stake them. This ability is what makes this weapon so useful as the game regularly tries to overwhelm you with multiple vampires. Having a weapon that can take care of business and keep your distance is great as vampires try to swarm you.

Lockjaw – Best Shotgun

Redfall Legendary Shotgun - Lockjaw

The Lockjaw is an unrivaled shotgun that is great for Vampire encounters. Because vampires like to get up close and personal and that’s the best range shotguns do their work. Lockjaw does that and one-ups you with its special ability. Every time you stake a Vampire while holding the Lockjaw, you heal 15% of your maximum health.

Honorable Mentions

The Shepherd’s Crook with its “Headshots with this weapon deal an additional 75% bonus damage.” can be very beneficial to Jacob as you want to minimalize the number of shots while being cloaked.

UV Beams are one of those weapon types you just got to have in your inventory, simply because it helps you clear the Red Mist.

If you have any honorable mentions, leave them in the comments below!

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