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Borderlands 2 Farmable Bosses and their Legendary Drop Guide

Borderlands 2 Farmable Bosses
Borderlands 2 Farmable Bosses

Bosses and Named Enemies can respawn in Borderlands 2 and the game rewards you for them because a lot of them have dedicated legendary loot drops assigned to them. Here is an overview of all the named enemies and their locations that can drop a legendary item.

Base Game

EnemyLocationLegendary Drop
KnuckledraggerWindshear WasteHornet
Midge-MongSouthern Shelf – BayKerblaster
Boom BewmSouthern ShelfBonus Package
Captain FlyntSouthern ShelfThunderball Fists
Doc MercyThree Horns ValleyInfinity
Assassin Wot, Oney, Reeth, and RougSouthpaw Steam & PowerEmperor
BollThree Horns DivideFastball
Savage LeeThree Horns DivideUnkempt Harold
ScorchFrostburn CanyonHellfire
Incinerator ClaytonFrostburn CanyonPyrophobia
Bad MawThree Horns ValleyDeliverance
Dan, Lee, Mike, RalphBloodshot StrongholdStorm Front
Madame Von BartlesbyTundra ExpressBaby Maker
Prospector ZekeTundra ExpressPitchfork
WilhelmEnd of the LineLogan’s Gun
Rolling Thunder
MobleyThe DustVeruc
GettleThe DustLyuda
The Black QueenThe DustNukem
Mick ZafordThe DustMaggie
Tector & Jimbo HodunkThe DustSlagga
BlueCaustic CavernsFabled Tortoise
Badass CreeperCaustic CavernsLongbow
SinkholeThe FridgeBitch
Laney WhiteThe FridgeGub
Smash-HeadThe FridgeSledge’s Shotgun
RakkmanThe FridgeGunerang
HenryThe HighlandsThe Cradle
Old SlappyThe Highlands – OutwashStriker
PimonWildlife Exploitation PreserveThe Transformer
TumbaaWildlife Exploitation PreserveDeliverance
Son of MotthrakkWildlife Exploitation PreserveSkullmasher
Foreman JasperOpportunityBlack Hole
McNallyThe DustHammer Buster
Mad DogLynchwoodMadhous!
BNK-3RThousand Cuts / The Bunker Control Core AngelThe Sham
Dukino’s MomLynchwoodMongol
King MongEridian BlightBadaboom
MortarSawtooth CauldronPandemic
Hunter HellquistArid Nexus – BoneyardThe Bee
SpychoFrostburn CanyonNeogenator
SaturnArid Nexus – BadlandsInvader
The WarriorVault of the WarriorConference Call
Terramorphous the InvincibleTerramorphous PeakBlood of Terramorphous
Hide of Terramorphous
Slayer of Terramorphous
Vermivorous the InvincibleWorldNorfleet

[DLC1] Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty

EnemyLocationLegendary Drop
DJ TannerMagnys LighthouseThe Sham
Hyperius the InvincibleWashburn RefineryShredifier

[DLC3] Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

EnemyLocationLegendary Drop
RakkanothScylla’s GroveSkullmasher
JackensteinH.S.S TerminusConference Call

[DLC4] Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

EnemyLocationLegendary Drop
Mister Boney PantsUnassuming DocksBunny
TreantsThe ForestThe Bee
Handsome SorcererDragon KeepLeech
Warlord SlogMurderlin’s TempleOgre
Badass SorcerersWorldChain Lightning
Badass MagesWorldFire Storm

[DLC5] Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary

EnemyLocationLegendary Drop
CassiusMt. Scarab Research CenterHector’s Paradise
Lt. HoffmanThe BackburnerAmigo Sincero
Lt. TetraHelios FallenOvercompensator
Dig GravesDahl AbandonM2828 Thumpson
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