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Borderlands 2: Vermivorous the Invincible Guide

Borderlands 2 Vermivorous the Invincible Guide
Borderlands 2 Vermivorous the Invincible Guide

Vermivorous the Invincible is a hidden Raid Boss in Borderlands 2 and has some of the best legendary loot in the game. This Varkid can only appear in True or Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and has more health than Terramorphous the Invincible.

How to Spawn Vermivorous the Invincible?

Vermivorous the Invincible is the ultimate Varkid. In order to spawn this raid boss you need to be in an area that contains a lot of Varkids. As you might know, these insectoid enemies can evolve when they nest themselves into a pod. It will take five morph phases for a Larval Varkid to turn into Vermivorous the Invincible.

Vermivorous the Invincible can only spawn in True Vault Hunter Mode or Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. There is a higher chance for Varkid to evolve into Vermi when you play with multiple people.

1 Player2 Players3 Players4 Players
Larval → Adult80%80%90%100%
Adult → Badass40%50%60%70%
Badass → Super Badass20%30%40%50%
Super Badass → Ultimate Badass10%20%30%40%
Ultimate Badass → Vermivorous or Supreme Badass7.5%10%11%12%
Larval → Vermivorous or Supreme Badass0.042%0.24%0.7128%1.68%

You need to agro the Varkids to trigger their evolutionary process. If you leave the combat area they will stop evolving. You also don’t have to wait ages for the Varkid to morph into their new stage as there is a time limit to their evolutionary process. If that limit is reached the Varkid lost its capability to evolve and can be killed.

Varkid FormLarvalAdultBadassSuper BadassUltimate Badass
Time to morph into a pod10 seconds20 seconds30 seconds60 seconds120 seconds

TLDR: Find a group of Varkid and shoot next to them until they evolve into the secret boss. If it takes too long simply retry.

Best Location to Spawn Vermivorous the Invincible?

There are a few places where you can find the Varkid in Borderlands 2. The best location is “Wam Bam Island”, however, you are going to need to have the “Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax DLC”. Because if a Badass Varkid evolves in Wam Bam Island, it will completely ignore the Super Badass stage, and evolve directly into an Ultimate Badass Varkid.

A good base game location to spawn Vermi is “Tundra Express” because there are a lot of Varkid near the farmhouse and you can aggro them while taking cover inside the house.

Other locations that have Varkid are the “Caustic Caverns” and the “Natural Selection Annex”. The last one is a Circle of Slaughter map that can be found in the “Wildlife Exploitation Preserve”. However, you do need the Creature Slaughter Dome DLC or own the GOTY Edition of Borderlands 2.

An Ultimate Badass Varkid spawns in Round 4 of the Creature Slaughter Dome. So if it hasn’t evolved within 120 seconds, you can simply Save & Quit and retry again.

Vermivorous the Invincible Loot

Vermi drops some of the best loot in the game because you can get legendary class mods and the best rocket launcher in the game from her.

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